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Cowboys fan unsuccessfully tries to wear Dallas jersey at Eagles training camp

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Womp womp.

via @kracze

One Dallas Cowboys fan thought it would be cool to show up to Philadelphia Eagles training camp practice wearing a Dez Bryant jersey on Tuesday. Ed Kracz of GateHouse Media snapped a picture of the wise guy:

This fan’s trolling attempt didn’t last for long, though. Kracz notes the Eagles gave the Dallas fan an option of either taking the jersey off or leaving the team’s facility.

Instead of showing true pride and refusing to take the jersey off, the Cowboys fan relented to the Eagles’ request. Pretty fickle if you ask me!

If you’re wondering why a Cowboys fans was at practice to begin with, apparently he was an invited guest of an Eagles season ticket holder.

I have to question what an Eagles fan is doing by bringing a Cowboys fan to practice. Surely this person has to know other Eagles fans who would appreciate the experience more than some wanna-be-troll Cowboys fan.