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Ron Brooks kneels during national anthem before Eagles-Bills game

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Eagles cornerback Ron Brooks took a knee during the national anthem prior to Philadelphia’s preseason game against the Buffalo Bills on Thursday evening. Brooks, who is injured and didn’t play, was caught on video. Watch below.

Brooks was one of a few Eagles players, including safety Malcolm Jenkins, who raised their fists during the anthem last year. Protesting during the anthem isn’t exactly new for Brooks. This is the first time Brooks has kneeled during the anthem, however.

National anthem demonstrations have become more common in the NFL ever since Colin Kaepernick, who is still a free agent, originally sat during the anthem at a San Francisco 49ers game last year. Kaepernick then started to kneel as a sign of protest and as an effort to raise awareness about social and racial issues in America. Brooks showed solidarity towards Kaepernick’s cause on Thursday evening.

In related news, Jenkins is still holding his fist up during the anthem. Eagles defensive end Chris Long showed support for Jenkins by putting his arm around the veteran safety.