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Former Washington Redskins general manager would rather have Carson Wentz than Dak Prescott

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NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Former Washington Redskins general manager Scot McCloughan recently signed up for a Twitter account. His feed is interesting because he’s been sharing some of his previous evaluations with the public.

One such evaluation involves a certain Philadelphia Eagles quarterback. McCloughan was asked if he’d rather start a franchise with either Carson Wentz, Dak Prescott, or Jared Goff.

His answer?

McCloughan also confirmed Wentz — not Goff — was the No. 1 quarterback on his board in 2016.

Some might wonder who cares about McCloughan’s opinion given the fact he was fired this offseason. The reality is that the situation regarding his dismissal was very shady. Washington was having the most success they’ve had in recent years under McCloughan’s tenure. Prior to joining Washington, McCloughan was regarded as one of the better personnel evaluators in the league due to his involvement in building two Super Bowl champions.

We know now that at least three of the four NFC East teams had Wentz as the top quarterback in 2016 despite the fact he was drafted No. 2 overall. The Dallas Cowboysleaked draft board from last year showed Wentz was their top quarterback and seventh overall prospect. It’s unclear what the New York Giants thought of Wentz.

The fact that McCloughan would still take Wentz over Goff obviously isn’t surprising. Goff mightily struggled as a rookie last year. The fact that he’d fact Wentz over Prescott might come as a surprise to some (read: Cowboys fans) considering Prescott put up a better statistical rookie year than Wentz did.

But as we all know, Prescott also had a lot more help than Wentz. Moving forward, it’s clear there’s a feeling from NFL people (such as McCloughan) who believe Wentz will still end up being the better quarterback.