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Eagles News: Nnamdi Asomugha opens up about his time in Philadelphia

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 8/16/17.

Atlanta Falcons v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

From NFL Sundays to Sundance: Nnamdi Asomugha Is Living His Best Life - B/R
Then came the report from former Eagles defensive tackle Hollis Thomas, who said Asomugha regularly ate lunch by himself in his car, the 1997 Nissan Maxima that he’s had since high school. Asomugha says it wasn’t an unusual thing to do. “It was interesting that that came out because guys would go home, guys would eat in their car. It’s not an abnormal thing on any team,” Asomugha says, as he starts making eye contact again. “We’d eat in the training room. We’d eat in the locker room. We’d eat in all sorts of places.” It was too late, though, for Asomugha. And the more he struggled, the more he became the scapegoat for the team’s failures.

18 observations from Eagles training camp practice - BGN
The Eagles ran a pony formation today. Wentz was lined up under center with Darren Sproles a couple yards back him. Then Donnel Pumphrey was lined up another couple yards behind Sproles. The play itself wasn’t noteworthy but the formation was an interesting look that the team has occasionally shown throughout offseason practices. Here’s what it looked like.

BGN Radio Daily #9: 5 Things From Camp With BLG -
Ronald Darby looking good, options to replace Jordan Matthews, Alshon Jeffery returning to practice in full, Ryan Mathews on the way out, three over/under numbers via Stephen Lee.

Game Review – PS #1 – PHI at GB – Offense - Iggles Blitz
LeGarrette Blount – Only a couple of things to really note. He runs hard. And man, is he hard to tackle. Wow. Took real effort by multiple defenders to get him down on every run. Very good block of blitzer on 4th/7. Had no room to run on 2-pt try and still almost got in. It is going to be a lot of fun to watch him in action this year.

Offensive Goal: Start To Click In Run Game -
A portion of the Eagles’ offseason mission was to surround quarterback Carson Wentz with more weapons and give him the best chance to have success in 2017. Don’t make the mistake of thinking those resources were provided only for the passing game. The running game is expected to benefit as well ...

Rating the job security of every NFL head coach - ESPN
Doug Pederson went 7-9 in his first season as head coach, but he gets a bit of a pass, considering he was breaking in a rookie quarterback and a new system in 2016. He's now on the clock. Owner Jeffrey Lurie believes he has something special in Carson Wentz, and he spent some money this offseason upgrading the talent around him. He's looking for progress in Year 2. Pederson needs to deliver it. -- Tim McManus

Playoffs or bust for Eagles' Darren Sproles - Daily News
After the Eagles finished their season in January, Darren Sproles cleaned out his locker, flew back to his home in suburban San Diego, spent a week decompressing, then sat down with his wife, Michel, and discussed the R-word. Retirement. Sproles was 33 going on 34 (he turned 34 in June), which is well past the sell-by date for an NFL running back. He had a career-high 94 rushing attempts and 146 total touches from scrimmage, the second most of his career. He had a late-season concussion that sidelined him for a game. He handled the heavy workload fine, averaging 4.7 yards per carry, 8.2 yards per catch and a career-high 13.2 yards on punt returns.

Dose: Eagles Dump Mathews - Rotoworld
What’s left in Philadelphia is an odd collection of runners spanning many different skill sets and ages. LeGarrette Blount produced a league-leading 18 touchdowns with New England last season and is probably the Eagles back to target for fantasy purposes. Of course, there’s a reason Blount lasted two months on the free agent market. Actually, there are several. Blount turns 31 in December and has always had suspect hands. He’s not the fleetest of foot either, though his hulking 6’0/250 figure makes him a tough man to stop around the goal line.

Eagles camp notes, quotes and tidbits: Derek Barnett expects to produce - CSN Philly
Derek Barnett had a pretty good NFL debut in the Eagles' preseason opener. Just ask Brett Hundley, whom he sacked twice. Or Joe Callahan, whom he drilled into the grass at Lambeau Field. "It felt good to get to the quarterback because we're not able to hit them in practice," Barnett said about the hit below. "It was live. All the D-linemen on the field were just excited because we could touch the quarterback without getting yelled at." Defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz specifically mentioned this hit on a screen pass when asked about what Barnett showed in his debut.

Mad competition for openings on Eagles defensive line - Morning Call
After practice at training camp on Monday, starting defensive end Brandon Graham pointed to three young pass rushers he believes have flashed the brightest this summer. Not one of them play on the edge, and it could be an indicator that they’ll keep more tackles than ends. “Gabe Wright and Justin Hamilton,” Graham said. “Even Elijah [Qualls]. Those boys are a lot different. Every day everybody’s getting better, but them are the three that kind of stick out to me right now. They have the get-off now. They kind of struggled with it in the beginning. It’s coming a little easier to them now because of the repetitions. I like their adjustments so far.”

Why the Miami Dolphins are practicing with Philadelphia Eagles next week - Palm Beach Post
The Miami Dolphins are going to practice with the Philadelphia Eagles twice in advance of their road preseason game next Thursday. And Dolphins coach Adam Gase believes using the Eagles practice schedule will be a good change of pace. “For our guys to have a different sense of what we do compared to what they do,” Gase said. “And it’s nothing but good experience when we do these joint practices.” Gase said to expect traditional practice drills on Monday and Tuesday. In other words, not much live scrimmaging with tackling to the ground, if at all.

2017 KUBIAK vs. ADP: The Overrated - Football Outsiders
Remember when Randy Moss set a single-season record with 23 touchdown catches for the near-perfect 2007 Patriots? Moss didn't actually lead that team in catches. Wes Welker did. Kevin Faulk and Donte' Stallworth got their grabs too. Dez Bryant this year has a similar role to Moss' on that Patriots team. Not that we're forecasting 16 wins for Dallas or 20-some touchdowns for Bryant (if we were, he damn sure wouldn't be in the "overrated" essay). But Bryant now looks like the deep-ball specialist amongst a stacked receiving corps -- he was actually third on the team in catches per game last season. There's only one football, and Bryant will again have to battle Cole Beasley and Jason Witten (not to mention Terrance Williams, Darren McFadden, etc.) for opportunities. And despite Ezekiel Elliott's suspension, Dallas still figures to run the ball as much as they can, which will also limit Bryant's numbers. Did we mention that Bryant missed three games last season and seven the year before? Really, Bryant has been declining for a few years now, but nobody seems to have noticed. Those halcyon days of 2014 are gone for good, everyone.

Dez Bryant: Fantasy Beast Or Burden? - The Point After Show
No one can question the physical abilities of Dez Bryant. He is a freakish athlete. Maybe his character and behavior have come into question in the past, but that’s not what this article is about. This article is about Dez Bryant as an elite fantasy football receiver. Is he? According to his draft position year after year people seem to think so. Since 2013, he has never been drafted worse than the 6th receiver off the board. Assuming this year stays constant he is going as the number 9 wide receiver off the board. Is he really worth that?

Why can't we talk about Colin Kaepernick and football at the same time? - SB Nation
It began with football. Colin Kaepernick wanted to play college football. He wanted to play college football more than he wanted to play professional baseball, even though he was drafted 43rd by the Chicago Cubs in the 2009 MLB draft. He wanted to play college football more than he wanted to play basketball (as a high school senior, he made the all-tournament team at the annual Oakdale Rotary Classic Basketball Tournament in 2006.)


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