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Jordan Matthews Injury: Bills wide receiver won’t play against Eagles this week

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Minnesota Vikings v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Well, this isn’t the kind of news you like to hear. Bills wide receiver Jordan Matthews (sounds weird, huh?) suffered a chest injury during his first training camp practice with Buffalo on Sunday.

The injury isn’t from a broken heart, though that would be understandable. Rather, Matthews reportedly has a chip fracture in his sternum. The Bills are listing Matthews as “week-to-week.”

Matthews’ injury likely means he won’t be able to suit up for the Eagles-Bills preseason game in Philadelphia on Thursday evening. Fans in attendance at Lincoln Financial Field will have to watch JMatt stand on the sideline, assuming he even travels with the team, which he might not.

Matthews has yet to speak with the media since being traded last Friday since he suffered the injury before he had a chance to talk with reporters yesterday.

No matter how you feel about the Matthews trade, we can all agree no one wants to see JMatt get hurt. Hopefully he recovers and gets back on the field soon.