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Eagles Preseason Week 1 Defense Film Review: Derek Barnett had a really good game

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Looking back at the Eagles' first preseason game.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

It was only preseason week 1, so I'm not going to make any bold statements about individuals. With no all22, it is hard to look at the secondary so this review mainly focuses on the front 7 and especially the younger guys. If you want to read the offensive film review by Tyler click here! Anyway, let's get to the film and look at who stood out.

I'm sure you've all seen this play and I don't need to remind you how good Brandon Graham is but, I just had to include this play. When I was watching live, I thought the Packers had left Graham unblocked but they actually tried to have a tight end block him. The tight end barely got a hand on Graham, he swatted him away like he wasn't even there. Pretty awesome play.

Derek Barnett also had a really good game which is awesome to see. The tackle here knows that Barnett can burn him on the edge so he oversteps a little and Barnett converts speed to power and shows awesome hand usage to keep the tackle from getting his hands on his chest. Then Barnett just explodes to the quarterback and wraps him up perfectly. This is exciting! It shows that Barnett has the ability to use his hands to disengage and get to the quarterback.

Barnett had another nice play here. Yes it's a screen pass, but the tackle does try and stop Barnett he just can't. Barnett shows that elite get off and he also uses his hands well here. He doesn't have to bend really wide to beat the tackle because he can get so low and avoid being pushed around the quarterback. He must get to the quarterback here in about 2 seconds, this is so good to see. Also, Nate Gerry showed some nice awareness to recognize the screen pass quickly and get to the ball carrier. I thought Gerry had a pretty decent game.

I wasn't really focusing on this guy, but Elijah Qualls made a bunch of nice plays. Here he shows the ability to get off a double team and then disengage from the guard while keeping his eyes up so he can make a play on the ball carrier. With Beau Allen out injured the Eagles might need someone like Qualls to come in on short yardage situations and make some plays so this is good to see.

Here's Qualls once again making a nice play. He explodes off the line of scrimmage and beats the guard in a hurry and then has the athleticism to stop and direct his weight to make a play on the ball carrier. Let's hope Qualls can continue this throughout the preseason.

It's hard to tell without the all22, but it looked to me like Jalen Mills had a really nice game. Mills won't need to be the number 1 cornerback this year with the acquisition of Ronald Darby but I think Mills could have a pretty decent year this year. I'm excited to watch him play and I'm hoping he could surprise a few people. On the two plays below, Mills stays really close to Randall Cobb and shows that he can find the football. Although he gives up the catch on the first play, it was short of the sticks on 3rd down so.

I didn't really see much of Rasul Douglas but I thought he looked pretty good when I did notice him. The Eagles asked him to press at the line of scrimmage which was good to see and I liked this play. Even watching him before the play you can see how big and long he looks when pressing. He is at the top of the screen here and he gets an ok jam but he manages to get inside the receiver and almost finds the football. There's a bit of contact here but nothing is called and he does enough to prevent the throw from being completed.

BLG has been talking up Terrence Brooks all offseason and he had a good game too. I liked this play because he was basically a linebacker and he had a guard coming straight for him immediately after the snap. Brooks manages to shed the block and he then comes downhill fast and makes a really nice tackle on the running back to stop him from getting outside. Look at Derek Barnett on this play as well, he blows the play up initially by shoving the tackle into the backfield and causing the running back to stumble. This shows real power and explosion from Barnett, he didn't look like a rookie out there.

Some final quick notes:

- I thought Najee Goode made a couple of nice plays against the run.

- Mychal Kendricks flashed and had an awesome interception, but he also missed an easy tackle on the running back which sort of sums up why the coaches don't trust him.

- CJ Smith got burned on the long touchdown but he had some nice plays after that.

- Tre Sullivan can clearly hit, but he also showed some nice range at free safety too.

That's all for today guys, not long till we get to talk about real meaningful football!