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Eagles announce Ronald Darby’s jersey number (and two other changes)

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The Philadelphia Eagles announced some jersey number changes on Saturday morning. Here’s a quick recap.

New Eagles cornerback Ronald Darby will be wearing No. 35. Darby wore No. 28 with the Buffalo Bills and No. 3 in college at Florida State.

After previously wearing No. 35, LeGarrette Blount is now wearing the No. 29 jersey. That’s the number Blount most recently wore while playing for the New England Patriots. Blount wore No. 9 with the Oregon Ducks in college but NFL running backs aren’t allowed to wear that number.

Safety Terrence Brooks is going from No. 29 to No. 24. Ryan Mathews currently owns that number on offense but he’s expected to be released at some point soon.

Darby and Blount are obviously locks to make Philadelphia’s final roster — they’re starters. It’d be a surprise if Brooks, who projects to be a backup at safety, didn’t survive the final cut as well.

Now you know these very important jersey number changes.