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Eagles News: Nelson Agholor is one of the biggest winners of NFL training camp

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 8/10/17.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles-Minicamp Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Winners and losers: Underdog QBs rise; injuries dog Chargers -
Nelson Agholor, Eagles receiver: The consistent drumbeat about Agholor's excellent practices are getting too hard to ignore. Our buddy Daniel Jeremiah said on his "Move the Sticks Podcast" last week that Agholor has enjoyed a "total rebirth" and is destined to be Philadelphia's slot receiver. With Alshon Jeffery and Torrey Smith as options on the outside and little-known wideout Marcus Johnson making noise, it's unclear where veteran slot receiver Jordan Matthews fits in. Matthews' salty reaction to the story, lashing out at Jeremiah's mock drafts, is the clearest sign that DJ is onto something. (Matthews is barking up the wrong tree here, because Jeremiah's mock drafts have consistently been tested as accurate over the last four years.) Don't be surprised if Matthews comes up in potential trade talks this month, with the Texans being a potential fit.

NFL insider says the Eagles have some level of interest in Tramaine Brock - BGN
The Philadelphia Eagles have “some level of interest” in free agent cornerback Tramaine Brock, according to NFL insider Adam Caplan. Brock was arrested earlier this offseason in an alleged domestic violence incident. The felony case against him was dismissed earlier today, however, due to a lack of evidence.

BGN Radio #249: Eagles vs Packers Preview Show -
We go over what we want to see as the Eagles give us a little taste of real football vs the Green Bay Packers. We chat about the WR depth ... how strong is it really? CBs, LBs and Doug Pederson keeping it close to the chest with the lineups. All that and more on BGNR 249!

Eagles-Packers Q&A: Carson Wentz can show his potential in 2017 - Acme Packing Company
Brandon Lee Gowton of SB Nation's Philadelphia Eagles blog Bleeding Green Nation answers our questions about Carson Wentz, Jim Schwartz's defense, and what he expects from Eagles vs. Packers.

Eagles 53-man roster projection after two weeks of training camp - PhillyVoice
Wait. Seven receivers?!? Yep. Marcus Johnson is a lock at this point, and I've been impressed enough by Greg Ward that I would not chance leaving him exposed on the practice squad. I believe there's still a chance the team trades Jordan Matthews, which would of course bring this total down to six. Trust me, that math is correct. I used a calculator.

Details - Iggles Blitz
I like the fact that Wentz is keeping an open mind about how to improve. He’s not just out there throwing footballs into trash cans to show his accuracy. He’s not just reading the playbook over and over, as if REALLY memorizing a play is going to change things. Wentz is taking specific actions in a variety of areas to improve as a QB and team leader. The old saying is that the devil is in the details. Wentz seems to get that and he’s willing to work on anything he things can help him. That’s a great sign in a young QB.

Inside Carson Wentz's offseason makeover - ESPN
What's more important for a quarterback than good vision? Wentz had PRK laser eye surgery earlier this offseason, which is a less invasive form of LASIK. "Recovery was about a week long. I was borderline blind to some degree for a couple days," Wentz said during a recent sitdown with ESPN's Sal Paolantonio. One of the benefits is Wentz no longer has to worry about a defender poking out one of his contacts, which has happened. "I knew I wanted to get this surgery when I could," he said. "It's been pretty life-changing, honestly."

In Love with Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles Fans Are Losing Their Mean Streak -
Is Philadelphia actually turning out to be the City of Brotherly Love? It sure seems that way when you listen to sports talk radio. Over the same airwaves where Donovan McNabb was endlessly criticized, Eagles fans can’t stop singing the praises of Carson Wentz. Can he bring home a Super Bowl trophy, or have the die-hards gone soft?

Merrill Reese: Year 41 'Something Special' -
GREEN BAY, WIS. – As he begins his 41st season as The Voice of the Philadelphia Eagles, Merrill Reese is eagerly drumming his fingers and bouncing his knees as he sits in the lobby of the team hotel in Green Bay. The team has just touched down in preparation for Thursday’s preseason opener against the Packers, and Reese, of course, isn’t interested in hiding his enthusiasm ...

Key to offensive line, Eagles center Jason Kelce looking to snap back - Daily News
“I’m very prejudiced about Jason Kelce,’’ said Mudd, 75, who is enjoying retirement in Seattle but still keeping a relatively close eye on the NFL, where he played and coached for 45 years. “I love him. I like his spirit. I like his intelligence, and I like his accountability. “I bet he’s probably said, ‘I played crappy last year and I have to play better.’ I like people like that because you can make something out of deficiencies when you are accountable.’’

Carson Wentz itching for contact, chemistry in preseason opener - CSN Philly
Thursday night will be everyone’s first chance to get acclimated to how the other operates on game day. Not to anyone’s surprise, Wentz said he’s excited. “Just get out there with the new faces in the huddle,” Wentz said of what he plans to get out of the game. “Get used to these game situations. I think situational football is a big part of the NFL and being smart in those situations.”

‘Hard Knocks’ recap: Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Episode 1 - SB Nation
Whether they’re riffing on Jackson’s emoji-patterned sleeve or practicing daps, Evans and Jackson make good television. Despite their age gap — Evans said he used to play as Jackson’s team on Madden when he was younger — they have an easy, natural chemistry on-screen. Evans relayed the story of texting Jackson to recruit him during free agency; he didn’t realize that Jackson was already in the process of signing with the Bucs.

Why Billionaires Keep Investing in Major League Sports - Syracuse University
These days, owners of professional sports team franchises invest not just for championships but also for returns. And they’re getting them. Haslam was right about his purchase of the Browns being a great opportunity. A little more than four years later, he’s already made an estimated $850 million on the Browns, a 16.6 percent annualized return. Investing in the S&P 500 SPDR exchange-traded fund over the same period yielded 10.6 percent.


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