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One Eagles player wants the team to wear Kelly Green Color Rush uniforms

Wouldn’t mind this.

Jalen Mills really likes the color green.

This much we know since the Eagles cornerback likes to dye the top of his hair. He also changed his Twitter handle from @Mills_Island to @greengoblin.

But now Mills is taking his love of the color to a new level. He’s proposing the Eagles should wear all-green uniforms for Philadelphia’s Color Rush game this year.

It doesn’t seem like he’s talking about the Eagles’ standard Midnight Green, though. Mills wants to see some Kelly Green action.

Mills just might get his wish at some point.

Earlier this year, Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie talked about potentially bringing back Kelly Green as an alternate uniform. He also didn’t rule out Kelly Green replacing Midnight Green as the full time uniform in the future.

The Eagles’ current alternate uniform is their all-black getup. I’m OK with it, but Kelly Green would be a much better choice. Most voters at Bleeding Green Nation seem to agree:

A majority of voters also want to see Kelly Green come back in a full time capacity.

Jalen Mills and the good people of Philadelphia have spoken.

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