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ESPN Body Issue: Zach Ertz and his wife get naked

It’s that time of year.

via ESPN The Body Issue 2017

Do you like looking at naked athletes? If so, ESPN The Magazine’s 2017 edition of The Body Issue has you covered!

Well, maybe uncovered would be a better word choice.


This year’s edition actually features a Philadelphia Eagles player: Zach Ertz. You can check out his picture below. His wife Julie Ertz (formerly Julie Johnston) of the United States women's national soccer team is also featured.

You can [click here] to see more pictures of the couple. You can also [click here] to read a full interview with Zach and Julie. Allow me to spoil the best part for you.

What body part on each other do you love the most?

JULIE: I would say his glutes. I've never seen anyone have glutes like that. He shows me how to squat, and I'm like, "My glutes don't turn like that!" [laughs] But I don't want his head to get too big.

ZACH: I love her butt. That'd be my No. 1 pick. She can call it "glutes" and be the scientific one; I'll stick to the butt.

Now that’s what I call a tight end!

(I’ll see myself out.)

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