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I’m running out of headlines to use about Cowboys players getting suspended

Dallas is a joke.

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I swear I’m not making this up: yet ANOTHER Dallas Cowboys player has been suspended. This time it’s Damontre Moore who has been hit with a two-game ban due to violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy.

You might be thinking: “Oh, well it’s only Damontre Moore. He’s bounced around the league and hasn’t really done too much.”

You’re not wrong, but he’s not an unimportant player for the Cowboys. In fact, our associates over at Blogging The Boys published a post two hours ago saying Moore looks like the team’s best free agent signing.

Damontre Moore. The pass rush is still the biggest concern for most fans, and Moore has been an early bright spot there. He has shown up in all the practices, although we will not know fully how he can contribute until we see full contact. But so far, he is the real star of the Cowboys’ limited free agent acquisitions, getting praise not only from Jason Garrett but from Jerry Jones as well. And there is an extra level of sweetness in that he was not a success with the team that drafted him, the division rival New York Giants.


The Cowboys’ pass rush was already a concern to begin with. Pro Football Focus ranked their front seven as the seventh worst unit in the NFL. Dallas will also be without one of their best pass rushers, David Irving, for the first four games because he also got hit with a suspension.

If it seems like Dallas deals with more suspensions than any team in the league, it’s certainly not just you. Bob Sturm of The Dallas Morning News points out that the Cowboys lead the NFL in suspensions — by far.

The Cowboys’ count might only go up given the fact their players have gotten in trouble this offseason. Ezekiel Elliott is still expected to get suspended. Damien Wilson and Nolan Carroll could both be facing discipline after getting arrested.

Dallas has been a total mess off the field this year. We’ll see if that impacts how they play on it.

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