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NFL insider says there’s a “growing sense” Ezekiel Elliott will be suspended

Bad news for the Cowboys.

Divisional Round - Green Bay Packers v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

There’s a “growing sense” that Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott will face a suspension regarding an off-field incident that occurred last offseason. NFL insider Adam Schefter revealed as much during a TV hit on ESPN.

This is the question that everybody has been waiting over a year to have answered — whether or not Zeke Elliott will wind up facing discipline. I think that there is a growing sense that he could face some sort of short suspension here in the coming weeks at some point once the NFL wraps up it’s investigation. It is not over yet. But it is definitely far along into the process. Zeke Elliott still has to respond to the NFL’s recent findings. The NFL has given him some report. And at some point here in the coming weeks, Zeke Elliott will respond to the NFL’s report that is sent to him. But I think that Zeke Elliott is bracing for a short suspension here in the coming weeks.

We’ll see how that impacts the season. Keep in mind that the Dallas Cowboys open with the New York Giants and then the Denver Broncos. There’s a chance he could miss at least one, maybe both of those games. But again, the NFL has not made any final determinations. It’s still going through it’s investigation. And until that investigation is wrapped up, we don’t know how it’ll work out. But again, I think there’s a growing sense that Zeke Elliott is going to face some sort of discipline, and it very well could include a short suspension.

A few weeks ago, Schefter hinted Elliott might get punished by the NFL. Now he’s using stronger language by actually suggesting a suspension is on the table.

Losing Elliott for a game or two would hardly be a death blow to the Cowboys’ season, but it’s still a significant loss since he’s their best player. Dallas relies on the running game to be successful and missing Zeke for potentially two tough games to start the 2017 season would not be ideal.

Elliott is very unlikely to be in danger of missing the Cowboys’ games against the Eagles. Philadelphia first plays Dallas in Week 11 and then again in Week 17.

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