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Eagles rank as one of the top 10 most valuable teams in the NFL


NFL: 2017 NFL Draft Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Forbes released their annual list of the most valuable sports team in 2017 and the Philadelphia Eagles made the cut once again.

According to Forbes, the Eagles are currently worth $2.5 billion. That’s only a 4% increase from last year. In 2016, the Eagles’ value had increased by 37% from $1.75 billion to $2.4 billion.

Still, the Eagles haven’t been a bad investment for Jeffrey Lurie by any means. The team’s owner originally purchased the franchise in 1994 for the mere cost of $185 million.

The Eagles’ current value of $2.5 billion makes them the 22nd most valuable sports franchise in the world. That’s a five spot decrease from last year’s ranking of 17. Philadelphia also dropped from being the ninth most valuable NFL team to the 10th.

1 - Dallas Cowboys - 1st overall, $4.2 billion, 5% increase

2 - New England Patriots - 6th overall, $3.4 billion, 6% increase

3 - New York Giants - 8th overall, $3.1 million, 11% increase

4 - San Francisco 49ers - 9th overall, $3.0 billion, 11% increase

5 - Washington Redskins - 11th overall, $2.95 billion, 4% increase

6 - Los Angeles Rams - 12th overall, $2.9 billion, 100% increase

7 - New York Jets - 13th overall, $2.75 billion, 6% increase

8 - Chicago Bears - 16th overall, $2.7 billion, 10% increase

9 - Houston Texans - 20th overall, $2.6 billion, 4% increase

10 - Philadelphia Eagles - 22nd overall, $2.5 billion, 4% increase

Note that almost half of the top 20 most valuable teams are from the NFL.

Also note that if you’re looking to buy a team, the Eagles are the most affordable out of all the NFC East options!

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