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Here’s a video of Alshon Jeffery throwing down a between-the-legs dunk


via @EATrainer

Before Alshon Jeffery began his football career, he was once a really good high school basketball player.

I’m not using the term “really good” lightly. His team won 105 out of 106 games plus four straight high school titles.

As it turns out, Jeffery still has some moves on the court. Check out this awesome between-the-legs dunk captured on video by Jeffery’s trainer, Steven Whitehead.

This is clearly good practice for when Alshon scores a game-winning touchdown against the Dallas Cowboys and pulls off a between-the-legs dunk over the goal post. (Unfortunately, such celebrations are still illegal in the NFL, but I can dream.)

Seriously, though, can’t wait to see Jeffery on the football field this year. His ability to make those contested jump ball catches is fun to watch. He’s a beast.

Seems like Jeffery is really enjoying his time up in North Dakota with Carson Wentz and his fellow Eagles wide receiver teammates.

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