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Alshon Jeffery is poised to dominate his matchups with Josh Norman

Get ready, Washington.

One of the big stories out of Washington this week (football-wise, at least) is the news that the Redskins will allow cornerback Josh Norman to shadow the No. 1 wide receiver on opposing teams in 2017.

This means Norman will directly face new Eagles wideout Alshon Jeffery for two weeks out of the 16 game schedule. The Washington cornerback has already said he’s looking forward to playing against Alshon. But once again, he shouldn’t be.

Check out this data from Pro Football Focus:

As the chart shows, Jeffery’s best three routes include: crossing routes, ins, and comebacks. Those happen to be the areas where Norman struggles the most.

There’s already some evidence that Norman struggles with Jeffery. The wide receiver had five receptions for 92 yards (18.4 yards per reception) when the Bears played Washington last season. And keep in mind Matt Barkley was quarterbacking for Chicago.

Moving forward, Jeffery will have Carson Wentz throwing to him. And there’s evidence to suggest the quarterback-wide receiver duo are the perfect fit.

Norman hasn’t been shy to talk trash about some other NFC East receivers. He’s called Odell Beckham Jr. a “child” and said Dez Bryant is “just a guy.” I get the feeling Norman won’t have much to say about Jeffery if the Eagles wide receiver proves to be as big of a mismatch on the field as he is on paper.

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