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Eagles have the shortest travel schedule of any NFC East team in 2017

Nice little advantage.

I have some bad news and good news.

The bad news is the 2017 Eagles travel schedule won’t be as short as it’s been in recent years.

The good news is the 2017 Eagles travel schedule will be shorter than originally expected.

According to Delta Air Lines, the Eagles are scheduled to travel 20,286 total miles this season. That figure ranks as the 12th longest combined trip.

But that figure isn’t entirely accurate. The Eagles won’t be traveling back to Philadelphia after their Week 13 game against the Seahawks in Seattle. Instead, they’ll be staying out west before they play the Rams in Los Angeles in Week 14.

The distance saved by not going back to Philly (and going straight from Seattle to LA instead) is 3,818 miles. When you subtract that figure from the previous total of 20,286 round-trip miles, the Eagles’ actual distance traveled in 2017 is “only” 16,506 miles. That’s good for the 19th longest trip instead of 12th.

The Eagles’ travel schedule is also the shortest in the NFC East. The Dallas Cowboys are 15th longest with 18,452 miles. Then it’s Washington at 11th longest with 20,698 miles. The New York Giants have the longest travel schedule in the division and ninth longest in the entire league at 22,954 miles.

Eagles 2017 Travel Map

Here’s a full map of the 2017 Eagles’ travel schedule via Pro Football Reference. Again, note that the second line to Los Angeles for the Rams game is inaccurate because the Eagles will be traveling straight from Seattle to L.A. for that one.

Will shorter distance help the Eagles win more games?

As noted in the past, travel distance isn’t super meaningful, but it's not necessarily insignificant, either.

Last year, the Eagles had the league’s eighth shortest travel schedule and they finished 7-9. In 2015, the Eagles had the shortest travel schedule and they also finished 7-9. So who knows.

Travel distances

Here's a look at the Eagles' road games ranked in order of distance (one way). Click here for the entire Eagles 2017 schedule.

1 - Los Angeles Chargers - 2,397 miles
2 - Seattle Seahawks - 2,378 miles
3 - Dallas Cowboys - 1,314 miles
4 - Kansas City Chiefs - 1,031 miles
5 - Los Angeles Rams - 954 miles* (from Seattle to L.A.)
6 - Carolina Panthers - 449 miles
7 - Washington Redskins - 114 miles
8 - New York Giants - 85 miles

Longest and shortest

• The Los Angeles Rams have the longest travel distance (for the second year in a row) with 32,498 miles.

• The Pittsburgh Steelers have the shortest travel distance (for the second year in a row) with 6,790 miles.

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