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NFL Odds: Eagles favored to win seven games during 2017 NFL season

More than last year!

New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Seeing the Philadelphia Eagles go 7-9 for a third straight season would be pretty frustrating. But seven is exactly how many games the Eagles are favored to win this upcoming 2017 NFL season. Cantor Technology recently released point spreads for every NFL game from Week 1 through Week 16. These lines don't necessarily mean much at this point but they give us a general idea of how the Eagles are viewed.

Week 1 - Eagles 3 point road underdogs at Washington Redskins

Week 2 - Eagles 4 point road underdogs at Kansas City Chiefs

Week 3 - Eagles 1 point home favorites versus New York Giants

Week 4 - Eagles 1.5 point road underdogs at Los Angeles Chargers

Week 5 - Eagles 2 point home favorites versus Arizona Cardinals

Week 6 - Eagles 4 point road underdogs at Carolina Panthers

Week 7 - Eagles 2.5 point home favorites versus Washington Redskins

Week 8 - Eagles 7.5 point home favorites versus San Francisco 49ers

Week 9 - Eagles 1 point home favorites versus Denver Broncos

Week 10 - BYE

Week 11 - Eagles 7 point road underdogs at Dallas Cowboys

Week 12 - Eagles 6 point home favorites versus Chicago Bears

Week 13 - Eagles 7 point road underdogs at Seattle Seahawks

Week 14 - Eagles 1.5 point road favorites at Los Angeles Rams

Week 15 - Eagles 3.5 point road underdogs at New York Giants

Week 16 - Eagles 1 point home underdogs versus Oakland Raiders

Week 17 - (No line posted. Eagles play the Cowboys in Philadelphia.)

Quick Thoughts

  • Last year, the Eagles were only favored in five of their games. Perhaps they’ll exceed expectations again.
  • Around the NFC East: the Cowboys are favored in 12 games, the Giants are favored in six games, and Washington is only favored in five games.
  • The Eagles are favored in all of their listed home games except the one against the Raiders.
  • The Eagles are only favored in one road game: their tilt against the Rams.
  • What’s your early prediction for the Eagles’ 2017 record?

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