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Eagles News: Torrey Smith responds to what Giants owner had to say about Colin Kaepernick

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 5/31/17.

Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Torrey Smith: Colin Kaepernick protested, didn't commit crime - ESPN
"People are accepting and willing to [forgive] people when they beat the hell out of women, sell drugs, do whatever and commit all kinds of crimes and you're able to forget that," Smith said. "I'm a believer in second chances. I believe in second chances for a guy like [Bengals rookie] Joe Mixon, even though I'm an advocate against domestic violence. But I think you have to be open-minded to know that [Kaepernick] did not commit a crime, he didn't hurt anybody, he didn't do anything. It was a protest, and now people are kind of locking him out or don't want to support anybody that's associated with him when you're willing to support people who beat women, do all kinds of other crazy things. It just doesn't make sense."

Philadelphia Eagles Practice Notes: Alshon Jeffery makes the play of the day - BGN
PLAY OF THE DAY: Alshon Jeffery made a beastly catch in the end zone by winning out on a jump ball thrown by Carson Wentz. Rookie cornerback Rasul Douglas had tight coverage but it doesn’t matter with Jeffery. The veteran wide receiver is going to go up and get that ball. After Jeffery made the catch, he got up, stared Douglas down, and spiked the ball directly in front of the Eagles’ third round draft pick. In my head I’m imagining Alshon said something like “F*** you rookie! You can’t stop me!

NFL Celebrations Are Back, Now Get Rid of The Pro Bowl -
The Pro Bowl is meant to be an annual showcase of the league and it's top talent. Instead, it's a perennial laughing stock. The players don't like being there and the fans don't like watching it. What should be done? Get rid of it. The NFL has fiddled with the Pro Bowl for years now. They've had no success. Football doesn't work as an All Star game. It's not fun without defense (NBA), it's not good with less players (NHL), and there's too few games to play it mid-season (MLB). Move on.

OTAs – Week 2 - Iggles Blitz
I’m really looking forward to see him Jeffery in action. It sounds like he is fired up and wants to play at a high level. He just got a big paycheck, but it doesn’t sound like he is sitting around counting his money.

The Best Of Lane Johnson Is Upon Us -
Lane Johnson is well aware of what happens if he steps the wrong way again and takes any kind of supplement not approved by the NFL. “I know,” he said on Tuesday, “that it can’t happen again. I’m making sure it doesn’t." …

Eagles are trying to recapture past success in Year 2 of the Doug Pederson-Carson Wentz era - SB Nation
The Eagles are working to reclaim some of their success from the Andy Reid era in Philadelphia.

No Philly athletes on second annual ESPN 'World Fame 100' - PhillyVoice
Philly currently has a star problem. At least when it comes to its four major professional sports franchises. There's some hope for the future in the form of Joel Embiid, Carson Wentz and the other young athletes who have been able, to inject some life into a fan base that has been in desperate need of something, anything to provide some hope. Unfortunately, those young stars aren't as popular nationally as Philly fans think. And when you expand that sphere globally, well, let's just say they've got a long way to go.

Corner shortage: How will the Eagles guard Odell Beckham Jr., Dez Bryant? - ESPN
There are scenarios in which the cornerback picture turns brighter. Mills could take a significant step forward after showing some flashes his rookie year; Douglas could prove to be a quick study, or Robinson a late bloomer; Jones might cruise through rehab and quickly regain the form that made him one of the most sought-after prospects in this draft prior to his injury; an under-the-radar player such as C.J. Smith -- Carson Wentz's old teammate at North Dakota State -- might provide a boost. Or maybe the front four will be so dominant that the corners' jobs won't be overly difficult.

Eagles' options at nickel CB could push Malcolm Jenkins out of role - CSN Philly
Malcolm Jenkins has been a fixture in the slot for the Eagles the last two seasons, but not the first two weeks of practice in 2017. Instead, the Eagles appear to be auditioning Jalen Mills for the job of nickel cornerback during Phase 3 of OTAs — though Jenkins cautions it may be too early to read into the lineup. "The plan every year — I usually don't take many snaps in the slot during the offseason or preseason just because there's an evaluation process that has to happen with a lot of these young guys," Jenkins said.

Eagles got a bargain in running back LeGarrette Blount - Inquirer
Blount's personality is exactly what the Eagles need. Mess with him or one of his teammates and he will not back down even if you're the biggest bully on the field. My favorite statistic from Blount's most recent season was not his 18 touchdowns or his 1,161 yards rushing. I liked his $18,231 fine for ripping off Ndamukong Suh's helmet after being shoved by the 307-pound Miami Dolphins defensive tackle. He also paid a $9,115 fine earlier in the season for shoving Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict, who is known as one of the dirtiest players in the NFL. The Eagles needed a player with Blount's edginess.

NFL1000: Ranking Every NFL Receiving Corps - B/R
17) Ideally, Jeffery will be the new No. 1 guy, and when healthy and on the field, he’s got the size and quickness to fill that role. He missed nine games due to injury in 2015 and followed that with a four-game suspension in 2016 for a violation of the league’s policies on performance-enhancing substances. Nonetheless, Eagles head coach Doug Pederson believes that with his toughness, route-running and catch radius, Jeffery will become the kind of receiver and leader others will look to pattern their own games after.

Report: Thad Lewis cleared after ACL injury - PFT
Former Eagles QB.

Is Matthew Stafford a playoff-winning QB on every other team in the NFL? - Pride of Detroit
Turning off the injuries may have been a deathblow to the Eagles running game because that means they got 16 games out of Ryan Mathews.

The Ringer, Bill Simmons’s Site, Will Switch Its Host to Vox Media - New York Times
The Ringer, a sports and culture website created by Bill Simmons, will soon be hosted on Vox Media’s platform but maintain editorial independence under a partnership announced on Tuesday. Mr. Simmons, a former ESPN personality, will keep ownership of The Ringer, but Vox will sell advertising for the site and share in the revenue. The Ringer will leave its current home on Medium, where it has been hosted since it began in June 2016.

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