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Eagles Rookie Profile: Corey Clement is a big running back who doesn’t shy away from contact

An insider's perspective on one of the Eagles' undrafted rookie free agent signings following the 2017 NFL Draft: Wisconsin running back Corey Clement.

81st Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic - Western Michigan v Wisconsin Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles signed undrafted rookie free agent Corey Clement shortly after the 2017 NFL Draft. In order to learn more about the new Eagles running back, I reached out to SB Nation's Wisconsin blog: Bucky’s 5th Quarter. Badgers writer Owen Riese (@RieseDraft) was kind enough to answer questions about Clement. For more Clement, check out the Q&A I did with B5Q.

1) Can you sum up what his college career was like?

His college career was a bit of a roller coaster. He started off encouragingly, 3rd string behind James White and Melvin Gordon, and then as a sophomore behind Gordon. Rushed for 949 as a backup. Junior year he was expected to take over per se, however due to a groin injury that nagged through camp eventually cost him most of his season. As a senior, however, he came back strong, and played in 13 games, rushing for 1,300 plus yards and 15 TDs.

2) What are his strengths?

He's a big back and runs that way. He definitely doesn't shy away from contact, he'll grind out every yard a rush has to offer. He also possesses very quick feet in the hole and cuts well for a man his size. Also has nice hands.

3) What are his weaknesses?

He lacks breakaway speed and is a bit stiff athletically. He's had fumble issues throughout his career. Not much of a creator. He'll get you what's blocked. Was taken off of the field on 3rd downs.

4) Are you surprised he went undrafted?

A bit, yes. I didn't expect anything before the 5th or 6th round, but I think he was a victim of the strong running back class and over 50 defensive backs being drafted.

5) How do you see his NFL career playing out?

I think he can settle in as a rotational back. In my opinion he can play a bit on 3rd down, but gave way to Dare Ogunbowale, who might end up as a 3rd down back for the Texans. He'll never be a starter, but could carve out a nice 5-7 year career as a reserve.

6) What’s your impression of him off the field? What was up with that incident where he punched someone?

Full disclosure, I've only interviewed him during the 2016 season, but all of my encounters with him have been very positive. He's spoken a bit about 2015, and how he was all about him, and being the next great Badger back, rather than being a great teammate. 2015 was very humbling for Corey, and he's regained the trust of Coach Chryst and his teammates. From my understanding, it was a bit of an ugly incident which involved Clement at his apartment complex. He apologIzed for the event, and was suspended for the final game of 2015 against Minnesota, Wisconsin's primary rivalry game. He hasn't had any issues since.

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