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Roger Goodell encouraged former Cowboys player to troll Eagles fans at the 2017 NFL Draft


2017 NFL Draft Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

There were a lot of glorious moments of Eagles fans trolling Cowboys fans at the scene of the 2017 NFL Draft in Philadelphia.

There was the moment when Carson Wentz ripped a Cowboys hat off of a Dallas fan. There was another moment when Cowboys fans got so upset about the Eagles’ trolling that they (unnecessarily) complained the police.

But the trolling at this year’s draft wasn’t one-sided. By now everyone’s probably seen the following video of former Cowboys wide receiver Drew Pearson trolling Eagles fans at the draft. Check it out below.

As it turns out, Roger Goodell encouraged Pearson to troll the Philly faithful. That’s surely only going to get Goodell more boos when the draft (hopefully) returns to the city next year.

Pearson appeared on PFT Live this morning and said that before he decided to talk a little trash to the Philadelphia fans, he ran it by Goodell backstage, and Goodell was on board.

“I’m thinking he might say, ‘Oh, no, don’t say anything like that, that might get them too fired up, might cause a riot out there in that crowd.’ But to my surprise, he encouraged me to say that and to get the crowd even more riled up,” Pearson said of his conversation with Goodell.

But I gotta be honest, for as much as we all hate the Cowboys, Pearson’s trolling is commendable. I respect that he leaned into the hate. And Eagles fans did an even better job of booing him very loudly.

There’s been talk about the NFL Draft being held in Dallas in the future. I personally hope it never leaves Philadelphia, but if it does, I’d love to see Brian Dawkins be up on stage trolling the Cowboys and their fans. Payback is coming.

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