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Alshon Jeffery says Kelly Green is his favorite Philadelphia Eagles jersey

Make the change, Jeffrey Lurie.

Not all athletes show an understanding that they "get" Philadelphia. In the case of Alshon Jeffery, he totally gets it.

Excellent work, Alshon. Paying homage to Randall Cunningham and Kelly Green is a great way to score extra points with the fan base.

Yes, I realize not everyone loves Kelly Green. But the truth is it's more popular than not. Check out these poll results with over 9,300 votes cast.

The good news for Alshon is that he soon might be able to wear the Kelly Green himself. Eagles Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Lurie admitted earlier this offseason the team is trying to bring the jersey back as an alternate. He also didn't rule out Kelly Green becoming the Eagles' full time primary jersey one day in the future.

Jeffery's contract is going to be up at the end of this year. Here's hoping he has a big season and then stipulates that he'll only stay if the Eagles switch back to their best uniforms.

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