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Eagles reveal jersey numbers for 11 undrafted free agent rookie signings

More jersey numbers!

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The Philadelphia Eagles revealed jersey numbers for their eight picks from the 2017 NFL Draft earlier on Friday. Now here’s a look at what numbers their undrafted free agent signings will be wearing.

UDFA Signings

P Cameron Johnston - 1

WR Greg Ward - 4

QB Jerod Evans - 7

RB Corey Clement - 30

CB Jomal Wiltz - 30

S Randall Goforth - 35

S Tre’ Sullivan - 49

C Tyler Orlosky - 51

DT Winston Craig - 74

DT Charles Walker - 77

TE Billy Brown - 85

High-level jersey number analysis

  • Cameron Johnston becomes the first Eagles player to wear No. 1 since Cody Parkey. Johnston wore 95 at Ohio State.
  • Greg Ward wore No. 1 while playing quarterback at Houston. He’ll retain a quarterback number (No. 4) in the NFL but he’ll be playing wide receiver now. The last Philadelphia quarterback-turned-wide-receiver to wear No. 4? None other than Eagles legend G.J. Kinne.
  • No. 7 is a good get for Jerod Evans. A certain former Virginia Tech quarterback who used to play for the Eagles also wore that number. His name was Michael Vick. Evans is the first player to wear No. 7 since the Eagles traded Sam Bradford, by the way. Evans wore No. 4 at VT.
  • After wearing No. 6 at Wisconsin, Corey Clement will wear No. 30 for the Eagles. Last worn by Ed Reynolds. Clement becomes the first Eagles rusher since Brian Mitchell to wear No. 30.
  • Jomal Wiltz will have to share his number with Clement. Wiltz wore No. 17 at Iowa State.
  • Randall Goforth takes over Terrell Watson’s No. 35 jersey. The last Eagles DB to wear No. 35 was Denzel Rice, who came out of nowhere to make the team in 2015. Goforth wore No. 3 at UCLA.
  • Tre’ Sullivan will wear No. 49 after sporting No. 5 in college. The latest Eagles player to wear No. 49 in a game was Tom Nelson back in 2011.
  • Tyler Orlosky is sharing No. 51 with Eagles defensive end Steven Means. You have to go all the way back to 1965 to find the last time an Eagles offensive lineman wore No. 51. That was center Dave Recher. Orlosky wore No. 65 at West Virginia.
  • Winston Craig is sharing his No. 74 number with 2016 practice squad center Aaron Neary. Craig wore No. 98 for the Richmond Spiders.
  • After wearing No. 97 for the Sooners, Walker gets No. 77 with the Eagles. He’s sharing that number with Taylor Hart, who is now playing offensive tackle.
  • Billy Brown wore No. 81 as a wide receiver for Shepherd. Now he’ll sport No. 85 as a tight end with the Eagles. Last worn by Chris Pantale last offseason. It was James Casey’s number before that.
  • Non-UDFA number non-update: Steven Daniels, whom the Eagles claimed off waivers from Washington, hasn’t been assigned a number yet. He wore No. 52 at Boston College and No. 53 with Washington. Both of those numbers are currently taken. No. 50 is open, though, so he’ll probably take that.

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