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Chris Long plans to sit next to Fletcher Cox a lot this Eagles season

Very punny.

Patriots fans and Rams fans weren’t joking when they told us Chris Long is a pretty funny guy. The new Philadelphia Eagles defensive end already has a plan to show off his humor this season. Check out what Long had to say in an appearance on Barstool’s “Pardon My Take” podcast.

Q: You’re a big fan of standing next to people on sidelines, and then having your name and there last name mean something. You’ve got kind of you pick of the litter on the Eagles. I was looking at the roster, you can either go …

Long: Smallwood, Cox, yep.

Q: Long Smallwood, Long Cox, or Long Johnson. Which one are you going to go with?

Long: I forgot about Lane Johnson. I would think you wanna, you wanna always be sitting next to your d-line buddy. I think me and Fletcher will make a lot of plays together, so hopefully, we’re probably going to be in the d-line huddle a lot. You can figure that one out. […] I will always be sitting to the left of Fletch on the bench.

Listen to the entire clip starting around 30:00 because Long also talks about Philly cheesesteaks, how he likes every Rocky movie (??), and how he (wrongly) thinks Sheetz is better than Wawa.

Chris clearly has some things to learn about Philadelphia culture, but he gets the benefit of the doubt for now. Especially because he’s ready to bring these kind of puns to Philly.


More options include ...

And ...

And finally, here’s what happen when you take away the first and last number in the Long Cox combination.


Welcome to Philly, Chris Long.

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