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Timmy Jernigan could be a double-digit sack player in the Eagles’ scheme

Get to know the new Eagles defensive tackle from the perspective of a Ravens writer.

St Louis Rams v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The Eagles caught people by surprise earlier this week by trading for Baltimore Ravens defensive lineman Timmy Jernigan. We’ve already written about Jernigan a lot by this point, but now it’s time to get some inside insight on the Eagles’ newest addition. Ravens writer Vasilis Lericos of Baltimore Beatdown answered some of my questions about Jernigan.

1 - What was the reaction to this trade from Ravens fans? Do fans wish the Ravens kept him?

"Reaction is very mixed.

A few Ravens fans are thrilled that the Ravens will have better options in what is expected to be a loaded third round. Some are ok with the decision but wish the Ravens would have acquired an additional pick to compensate for the new hole on the depth chart. Others (myself included) wish the Ravens kept Timmy because they expected him to breakout in a contract year now that the personnel in the secondary has been upgraded."

How would you grade this trade from the Ravens’ perspective? Is it a good deal? Why or why not?

"The general consensus at Baltimore Beatdown seems to be that this was a C+/B- trade for the Ravens, but personally I would give it a D. The Ravens already lost one starter on the defensive line when Lawrence Guy signed with the Patriots. They also lost two key starters to retirement, three to free agency and four cap casualties.

We were already hoping the Ravens could bolster their offensive line, pass rush, offensive weaponry and depth in the secondary with their draft picks. Now they have the same needs but one less interior pass rusher and the same quantity of picks.

I would have preferred to let Jernigan play out the final year of his contract to see if he could elevate his play, help an improving pass defense and earn a valuable compensatory pick."

3 - What are his strengths?

"Timmy is strong and quick. He plays with an edge and is an enforcer on the field. His bull rush is top notch and he is adept at penetrating into the backfield."

4 - What are his weaknesses?

"Lack of ideal stamina is his biggest weakness. He often tires late in games and late in the season. Jernigan is also prone to making bone headed decisions that result in penalty occasionally."

5 - Moving forward, to what extent do you think his slow end to the 2016 season (no sacks in the last seven games) is a concern? Do you believe he can he be a good starting 4-3 defensive tackle for the Eagles?

"The lack of impact plays does not concern me, I expect him to produce double digit sacks in the Eagles scheme.

Jernigan was miscast as a two-gap space eater, he is better at penetrating. The Ravens entire pass defense regressed in the second half of the season as top cover corner Jimmy Smith dealt with injury and the offense was largely unable to sustain drives. For example, Terrell Suggs led the team in sacks last season, he posted six in the first half and two in the second."

6 - To the best of your knowledge, what’s Jernigan like off the field?

"At FSU he kept his nose clean for the most part but did reportedly fail a drug test before the draft while caused his slide to the second round. There were rumors he clashed with HC John Harbaugh and Harbaugh did throw him under the bus in public once or twice which was out of character for him.

Timmy also has a bit of diva in him. For instance he told the local media he was aiming for the Pro Bowl before his second season which was unusual because the Ravens usually focus on team goals."

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