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Philadelphia Eagles NFL Draft live blog: Rumors, trades, updates, picks, and more

We have all your draft rumors, trade information and more with up-to-the-minute updates here on Bleeding Green Nation.

Credit: Ben Natan / Bleeding Green Nation

Welcome to Bleeding Green Nation's 2017 NFL Draft live blog! The draft itself begins at 8:00 PM ET. More info on how to watch the broadcast by clicking here.

This post will host constant updates regarding draft rumors, trade updates, hot takes, and more, while also serving as an open thread for discussion. The Philadelphia Eagles are set to pick at No. 14. It’s very unclear who they’re going to take. Stay tuned to Bleeding Green Nation for the latest regarding Eagles moves and others made around the league. Also make sure to listen to BGN Radio LIVE on our Facebook page:

[UPDATE: 11:47 PM ET] And that concludes the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft! If you liked what you read here, you can follow me on Twitter at @Tjack94. If not, send all hate mail to @Southern_Philly. Stay tuned to Bleeding Green Nation for your latest Philadelphia Eagles' rumors, analysis and draft coverage!

[UPDATE: 11:35 PM ET] So the 49ers are walking away with Thomas and Foster at the conclusion of day one of the draft. If Foster's shoulder holds up, they're building things the right way in San Francisco.

[UPDATE: 11:24 PM ET] The Cowboys have selected Taco Charlton. That's a solid pick, but Barnett will be better, because he is an Eagle of course.

[UPDATE: 11:08 PM ET] If you're not already, make sure to follow Adam Hermann on Twitter (@adamwhermann) as he recaps Howie's presser.

[UPDATE: 11:03 PM ET] Raiders have taken a leap, but Conley was pushing Lattimore for my CB 1. Cleveland goes with Peppers, which is a shocker to me.

[UPDATE: 10:33 PM ET] And the first offensive lineman has been taken by the Denver Broncos. I'm a little shocked it wasn't Robinson or Ramczyk.

[UPDATE: 10:26 PM ET] The Redskins have taken Jon Allen. That one is going to be a pain to deal with for year to come. Notable players left on the board include Foster, Cook and every offensive lineman. O.J. Howard is selected by Tampa Bay.

[UPDATE: 10:02 PM ET] Thoughts on Barnett: I haven't had the opportunity to take an extensive look at him, but after digesting the pick, the Eagles now have three starters on their defensive line that were drafted in the first round. In a division with good offensive lines such as the Cowboys' and Redskins' a pass rush with heavy investments is a huge key to success! It wasn't the sexy pick, but the team could've done much worse.

[UPDATE: 9:52 PM ET] The Eagles have selected Derek Barnett....

[UPDATE: 9:38 PM ET] The Cardinals will be selecting Temple's own Haason Reddick at 13, we're almost there!!!

[UPDATE: 9:36 PM ET] With the 12th pick the Texans have taken Deshaun Watson. Three quarterbacks have been drafted in the top 12.

[UPDATE: 9:32 PM ET] The Browns have traded the 12th pick to the Texans, likely taking a QB here.

[UPDATE: 9:28 PM ET] The Saints' pick is in. Eagle hopeful Marshon Lattimore is now off the board. 14 is just around the corner!

[UPDATE: 9:19 PM ET] The Chiefs have selected Patrick Mahomes at 10, another QB off the board! Push that talent down to 14!

[UPDATE: 9:14 PM ET] The Chiefs have traded up to 10. A quarterback perhaps?

[UPDATE: 9:13 PM ET] Sorry guys, I'm still sad. The Bengals have taken John Ross. Three wide receivers in the top 10! I'd love to see inside the Eagles draft room.

[UPDATE: 9:03 PM ET] And the Panthers have broken my heart with the eighth pick. Sending love your way, Christian.

[UPDATE: 8:55 PM ET] With the seventh pick, the Chargers have selected Mike Williams. Two wide receivers off the board! Keep falling McCaffrey!

[UPDATE: 8:51 PM ET] With the sixth pick, the Jets selected Jamal Adams. Still hoping for Watson and Mahomes to go before 14!

[UPDATE: 8:48 PM ET] Ian Rapoport is reporting that the Browns are trying to trade for Kirk Cousins. Stay tuned for more!

[UPDATE: 8:22 PM ET] Excuse me while I mourn. The Titans have selected Corey Davis with the fifth pick....

[UPDATE: 8:40 PM ET] At the request of a few fans, I will be updating the thread with each pick. The 49ers selected Solomon Thomas at three and the Jaguars selected Leonard Fournette at four!

[UPDATE: 8:22 PM ET] It's happening! The first QB has come off of the board! That bodes well for the Eagles. Slide more players down the board!

[UPDATE: 8:17 PM ET] The Bears have traded with the 49ers!

[UPDATE: 8:07 PM ET] It's showtime! Roger Goodell has just announced that Browns are on the clock!

[UPDATE: 7:45 PM ET] The BGN Radio crew is LIVE! Links to listen are in the tweet below!

[UPDATE: 7:21 PM ET] I'm seeing that Adam Caplan is reporting the Eagles will NOT draft Joe Mixon and they will not be taking Reuben Foster at 14.

[UPDATE: 7:14 PM ET] Hey guys! Tyler Jackson here, you can follow me on Twitter: @Tjack94. We are approximately 45 minutes away from the start of the draft! Pick 14 can't come soon enough!

[UPDATE: 6:00 PM ET] The thread is up! BLG here. New BGN writer Tyler Jackson will be keeping this post fresh with updates above this one you’re currently reading. I'll be busy writing about the Eagles’ new draft pick and hanging out on the BGN Facebook broadcast. Follow me for updates on Twitter: @BrandonGowton. Here's to a fun night.


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