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NFL Mock Draft 2017: Make your own dream draft

Post your mocks in the comments!

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Looking for some time to kill until the 2017 NFL Draft finally arrives? Bored with simply looking at mock drafts? You can make your own dream mock draft using some of the tools below. Check the two sites below.

1) FanSpeak On the Clock Mock Draft Simulator

Just follow a few easy steps:

1. Select the team you'd like to draft for.
2. Select how many rounds you'd like to draft.
3. Make your picks for your team while the simulator chooses for the other 31 teams based on the best player available and updated team needs.

Here’s an example of a seven-round mock draft I created.

2) First-Pick also allows you to create your own mock draft. You select your favorite team and follow through the draft pick by pick (there's an option to skip to through picks to speed things up). A "trade up" option is available if you want to move up and you are sometimes presented offers from other teams to trade down when it's your turn on the clock. The trade values aren't always perfect; sometimes they're just not very realistic at all. It's up to whether you want to take it seriously or just have fun. You have to sign up for a free account to use the site.

Here's an example of how my mock turned out:

3) Now it's your turn!

Go through some of these simulations and try to make your dream mock draft possible. Post your mocks in the comments and make sure to rec the ones that you think are the best.

If you need some assistance with your mocking, here are some quality draft resources:

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Seven round Philadelphia Eagles mock draft

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