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2017 NFL Draft Order: Philadelphia Eagles own eight draft picks

Will the Eagles use all their selections?

2006 NFL Draft Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images

With the 2017 NFL Draft just two days away, here's a reminder of where the Philadelphia Eagles stand heading into this year's big event. The team currently owns a total of eight draft picks. Here's how they stack up.

1st - No. 14 (from the Minnesota Vikings)

2nd - No. 43

3rd - No. 99 (from the Baltimore Ravens)

4th - No. 119

4th - No. 139 (from the Cleveland Browns)

5th - No. 155

6th - No. 194

7th - No. 230

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The Eagles do not own their own 2017 first round pick (No. 12) due to their trade with the Cleveland Browns last year to get Carson Wentz. There’s some talk the Browns might select a quarterback with the first round pick they got from the Eagles, so that would be interesting to follow.

Instead of their own first round pick, the Eagles own the Vikings’ first round selection due to the Sam Bradford trade. It’s still hard to believe Philadelphia pulled that off. The Eagles would have picked at No. 15 had they not won a coin toss to determine a tie-breaker. Thankfully that didn’t happen and they’ll be selecting at No. 14 instead.

The Eagles don’t own their 2017 third round pick (No. 74) because they shipped it to the Ravens in order to get Timmy Jernigan. Baltimore also sent back a third round compensatory pick in the trade, which is why the Eagles are picking at No. 99.

Philadelphia owns two fourth round selections. The second one is a compensatory pick the Browns were awarded this offseason. That pick was a footnote of last year’s aforementioned Eagles-Browns trade.

It's possible the Eagles add even more picks during this year’s draft. Jason Kelce, Mychal Kendricks, Jordan Matthews, and Allen Barbre have all been mentioned in trade rumors at some point this offseason. It’s possible the Eagles might use at least one of those players as a trade chip to move up in a certain round, similar to how the Ravens did with Jernigan. Howie Roseman is one of the most aggressive executives when it comes to trades. It’ll be interesting to see if Joe Douglas convinces him to be more patient, however.

The Eagles have a lot of needs -- both short-term and long-term — so having eight draft picks in this year’s class is a good thing. Now they just need to make sure they use the picks on the right players.

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