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Corey Davis to the Eagles confirmed?!

Indisputable evidence.

Want to see some undeniable proof that the Philadelphia Eagles will be drafting Corey Davis in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft this week? Look no further than this tweet he retweeted via his official Twitter account.

As you can see, the tweet Davis retweeted says "Future Eagle." So pretty much a done deal then.

BUT WAIT -- there’s more!

Hmm ... "AO1" ... where have we seen that before? Why does that sound so famil—-

Oh, that’s right! Carson Wentz has been tweeting AO1 for a long time now.


As BGN Radio's Jack Fritz points out, Alshon Jeffery recently followed Davis on Twitter!

So there you have it. Davis to the Eagles confirmed.

In all seriousness, though, it is a little weird that Davis did this. Maybe he just accidentally clicked a wrong button or something, but he hasn’t been the kind of athlete who constantly retweets fans recruiting him to their team.

There’s been a little buzz about Davis and the Eagles recently. Tommy Lawlor mocked Davis to Philadelphia in his mock posted on Les Bowen said he thinks the Eagles’ interest in Davis is "substantial." There’s a guy with a questionable track record (though he did break the second Lane Johnson suspension) saying Davis is "high atop" the Eagles’ board.

With all the rumors lately about the Eagles going defense in the first round, maybe that’s just a smokescreen. Maybe Philadelphia wants to keep along with the theme of "give Carson Wentz more weapons." Howie Roseman’s fate ultimately depends on Wentz, so he needs to do everything he can to make sure the young passer succeeds.

So maybe Davis really will be the pick. Or maybe I’m just overthinking all of this and need to get a life. You decide!

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