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More details about the 2017 BGN Radio NFL Draft Party events

We have some great news for you!

The 2017 NFL Draft is less than a week away and we have some great news for you, Eagles fans! Here are the specific details on our drafty party events via John Barchard.

The NFL Draft is finally right around the corner! Let's put our pencils down and drink some friggin beers!

We are going to start things off at Delilah's Gentleman's Club on Wednesday, April 26th at 9:00 PM ET

We will broadcast live, watch BLG squirm a little and have a lot fun! This will be a great opportunity for to come hang out with the BGN Radio crew and to join the pod as a co-host. Delilah's is really treating us well as they will be dropping the cover charge for everyone who is on our guest list. Just e-mail us at: with the subject heading "BGNR Guest List" and your name. Done and done, free admission. The cut off will be at 12:00 PM ET on Wednesday so be sure to e-mail us by then! We understand that this isn't for everyone but don't worry, we plan on continuing the festivities at the Twisted Tail at 509 S 2nd St for a night cap bourbon or two afterwards.

Thursday April 27th - Round 1

The creme de la creme gang ... Bud Light is rolling out the red carpet for us and is inviting EVERYONE to come join us at the Bud Light Tavern AT THE NFL DRAFT. That is not a misprint. We will be broadcasting live at 7:45 PM ET until round 1 ends or whenever they run out of beer. Draft Town is 100% free to get in and open to the public. As a bonus we will be giving away a pair of VIP tickets for Day 2 of the draft which includes entrance into the NFL Draft Auditorium. Come meet up with fellow BGNers, the BGN Radio crew and Eagles fans from all over the place! It's also another great opportunity to jump on the podcast as we broadcast live to all of BGN land. We'll be right next to 94WIP as well so you can hang with Ike Reese, Jamaal Jackson, Glen Macnow and a bunch of other special guests!

The good news is it will be open to the public for Day 2 and Day 3 as well, so let us know if you're around and we are happy to take beer breaks with you guys! We'll be broadcasting everyday on Radio Row and it's not too far away from the tavern.

Saturday April 29th - Post Draft Party

Once Mr. Irrelevant is selected, we are going to close up shop at the NFL Draft and meet everyone over at South Philly's greatest meeting spot Adobe Cafe which is located at 1919 E Passyunk Ave. The BGN crew should be there right around 8:00 PM and we will rage on until 2:00 AM with all of Philly Twitter. Tacos, karaoke, beers, margaritas and a bunch hot takes! If you are looking for a good spot to watch the NFL Draft, Adobe is great spot to watch the whole draft. They are bringing out extra TVs for the BGN folks that don't feel like heading down to the draft that day. Come early, stay late!

Let's all make history together... As far as we know, we are the first non-NFL media podcast that has ever covered the NFL Draft and that is all thanks to the BGN Community. We want to reward you in the best way possible! Come hang out with us for NFL Draft weekend!

To clarify: ANYONE who wants to come hang out with us at Draft Town will be able to. Draft Town is available to the public. The only area that isn’t available to everyone is the NFL Draft auditorium/stage itself. Here’s a complete map of Draft Town. Take note of the entrance areas.

And here’s a closer look at where BGN Radio will be. We’ll be right near the Bud Light Tavern, which is where you should go to hang out.

We’re really excited to meet a bunch of you next week! Let us know below in the comments if you plan on meeting us for any/all of these events!

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