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NFL Draft Rumors: Eagles one of several teams with owner permission to pick Joe Mixon

Will the Eagles take a chance on him?

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The Philadelphia Eagles are one of several teams with their owner’s permission to pick Joe Mixon in the 2017 NFL Draft, according to NBC’s Josh Norris. Norris had the following to say in a segment with Mike Florio on PFT Live.

“I’ve heard the Saints, I’ve heard the Vikings have done a ton of homework, pro days and a visit as well, the Cincinnati Bengals, the Philadelphia Eagles, and the Oakland Raiders. There might be a few more here and there. He might be on a secondary board for the Dallas Cowboys, not necessarily on their top board, so if he slides a little bit. And I think that that is … other teams will have that similar conversation.

But if I were to peg a few that are interested the most, the Bengals, absolutely, early I think at like pick No. 41 in the second round and the Philadelphia Eagles in round two as well.”

So not only does Norris peg the Eagles as one of five teams with permission, but he also mentions they’re one of the teams most interested in him from that group.

Honestly, it’s not hard to believe. The Eagles did not seem to rule out drafting Mixon (unlike how some other teams did) when asked about him at the NFL league meetings last month.

From a football standpoint, Mixon fits the Eagles’ offense. Not only is he a talented runner but he can also catch the ball. Philadelphia has a big need for a three-down player in the backfield. They might feel Mixon is worth the risk for them. Some believe he’s the best running back in this year’s class. And the Eagles showed they weren’t hesitant to take chances on some players with character concerns in last year’s draft.

Not everyone is so convinced the Eagles are in on Mixon, though. Earlier this month, Howard Eskin said he got the sense that Philadelphia won’t draft him. Earlier today on Wednesday, Eskin said he’s off the Eagles’ board entirely.

One theory is that Eskin, who is tight with the organization as they allow him on the field as a sideline reporter for SportsRadio 94WIP, could be have been fed the information with the team’s agenda in mind. The Eagles might want teams to believe they’re not interested in Mixon so there’s a better chance he falls to them. Or maybe the Eagles want to make it seem like they were never interested in him if another team takes him before they do. Or maybe Eskin’s information is correct and Philadelphia won’t even think about drafting him.

It’ll obviously be interesting to see where Mixon ends up and when he comes off the board. Daniel Jeremiah said he’s heard general managers and scouts believe Mixon will be a second-round selection. If that’s the case, the Eagles might have to select him at No. 43 if he’s still on the board and they want to get him.

With the 2017 NFL Draft only a week away, we’ll see soon enough where Mixon ends up.

UPDATE: From Jimmy Kempski of PhillyVoice: “According to a source, Mixon remains under consideration.”

Here’s how Eagles fans here at Bleeding Green Nation feel about the team potentially taking a chance on Mixon.

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