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Eagles Draft Rumors: One team in the teens promised to take Christian McCaffrey

More NFL Draft madness.

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Maybe the Eagles will select Christian McCaffrey with the No. 14 pick after all. According to Tony Pauline of, who does a good job of reporting on draft interest and also does some draft writing for, he’s heard one team picking in the teens of the 2017 NFL Draft has promised McCaffrey they’ll draft him.

The story circulating from insiders is that McCaffrey has received a draft guarantee from a team presently selecting in the teens -- the team has guaranteed McCaffrey they will select him if he’s still available when they are called to the podium.

The notion that McCaffrey has received a guaranteed, as Pauline suggests, could explain why the Stanford running back has reportedly declined private workout requests from NFL teams.

So, could the Eagles be the team that made a promise to McCaffrey? Maybe. Although I’d personally be surprised if Philadelphia took a running back in the first round, there are rumors out there connecting the Stanford player to the Eagles.

In March, it was reported the Eagles are one of the teams most interested in McCaffrey. A more recent rumor indicates he’s one of the five players the team is targeting with the No. 14 pick.

But even if the Eagles did make a promise to McCaffrey, there’s no guarantee he’ll be on the board.

You can never truly know what’s real and what’s fake when it comes to these kind of NFL Draft rumors, especially so close to the big event. There are a lot of different agendas and motivations out there.

Once again, the feeling here is the Eagles won’t take McCaffrey. I wouldn’t say it’s impossible but I don’t think it’s the likely pick by any means.

I wouldn’t mind being wrong, though. It’d be great for the Eagles to have a new running back who can also contribute as a pass catcher. The more weapons for Carson Wentz, the better.

We’ll see exactly where McCaffrey ends up next Thursday.

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