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Mychal Kendricks Trade Rumors: Eagles linebacker won’t skip voluntary workouts

Trade still coming?

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Cincinnati Bengals Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

It’s not uncommon for an NFL player to skip their team’s voluntary offseason workout program after they’ve been brought up in trade rumors. That won’t be the case with Mychal Kendricks, however. Jeff McLane reports Kendricks will attend Philadelphia’s workouts this week.

It was reported earlier this offseason that the Eagles are expected to trade Kendricks. The 26-year-old linebacker only played 27% of Philadelphia’s defensive snaps in 2016, so it seems clear the coaching staff isn’t crazy about him. Kendricks clearly has some talent but he’s far from consistent.

Despite the trade rumors, however, the Eagles kept Kendricks past a date when $4.35 million of his contract became guaranteed. So it’s not like it makes sense for Philadelphia to cut him now if a trade doesn’t happen.

With the 2017 NFL Draft approaching, the trade market for Kendricks might heat up. It’s possible some teams might want to enter the draft with one less need and trading for Kendricks could fill a hole for them. Alternatively, teams might leave the draft without getting a linebacker and might resort to trading for Kendricks instead.

It remains to be seen what the Eagles could get in return for Kendricks. He’s young and talented so he should have some kind of value. At the same time, it’s clear Philadelphia wants to move on so the Eagles don’t have a ton of leverage. Maybe the Eagles could package Kendricks and a pick to move up higher in a certain round.

Along with Kendricks, Jason Kelce is the other player who has been heavily involved in trade rumors this offseason. No word yet on whether he’s reported to the Eagles’ voluntary workouts.

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