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NFL Draft Rankings: Top 10 Interior Offensive Line Prospects

Can the Eagles add depth this year?

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The Eagles have made a strong effort over the last two years to add depth to their offensive line after a few seasons of not doing so. Since Doug Pederson came to town; the team has valuable resources (picks, cap space) on Brandon Brooks, Stephen Wisniewski, Isaac Seumalo, Halapoulivaati Vaitai and Chance Warmack. The Line, especially the interior, has strong depth and youth. That is good considering the 2017 NFL Draft class is not exactly loaded with guard/center talent. However, if the team wanted to continue to add bodies to the line, there are some interesting later round guys who could compete for roles on the team.

Note: Forrest Lamp and Taylor Moton are ranked as offensive tackles.

10. Kyle Fuller, Baylor: Starting his last 39 games at Baylor is definitely a notable and impressive achievement. The 6'5", 305 pound center definitely looks like an NFL linemen, but he lacks the traits to contribute immediately. Inconsistent technique is not helped by a lack of athletic ability or steady strength. Fuller has the frame for the NFL, but he has a surprising amount of work to be done before he should be considered a high depth chart option.

9. Tyler Orlosky, West Virginia: The inverse of Kyle Fuller; Tyler Orlosky is a smaller center (6'3", 298 pounds) but has an awesome motor, lots of lower body power and upper body strength and consistent technique. He is not a great mover, but his strength, attitude and technique will make him a valuable player in the NFL who could potentially start.

8. Nico Siragusa, San Diego State: Siragusa (6'4,319 pounds) is an outstanding athlete who flashes incredible ability, especially in the run game. He is still very raw and that shows in a slower get off and inconsistent awareness, but the moments he is on are outstanding. He is a bit more of a project, but his exciting upside is worth taking a bet on.

7.Chase Roullier, Wyoming: Roullier was a big part of Wyoming's high flying offense this season. The 6'4", 312 pound center may have shorter arms, but he moves well and is strong as hell to make up for it. Roullier is also a very savvy player with consistent technique and good awareness. He could be a player who starts earlier and at a higher level than his draft position may suggest.

6. Ethan Pocic, LSU: LSU's outstanding run game the last few years has be due in part to Pocic's steadiness along the offensive line. At 6'6" and 310 pounds, Pocic has massive size to wall guys out and roll over defenders in the run game. Unfortunately, the same size that helps him in the run game hurts his pass protection. He will lose leverage battles and higher pad level hurts his strength against tackles who are 3-5 inches shorter than him. Pocic is probably best suited at guard to offset some of those issues he would experience at center.

5. Dorian Johnson, Pitt: Dorian Johnson still feels very underrated to me. He is a steady, nasty offensive linemen who will give high effort in the run game and the passing game. He may not offer much as an athlete, but he is a phone booth player who wants to maul the player across from him on every snap. That's valuable from a 6'5, 300 pound guard.

4. Dion Dawkins, Temple: A combine star, Dion Dawkins can play tackle or guard but would be best suited playing inside due to a lack of open field ability. The 6'4", 314 pounder had an outstanding combine which reflects how smoothly he could move on tape and the power he possesses. He is a raw player and in the open field he has a tendency to blow assignments, so it makes sense to maximize his skill set by putting his powerful ability in a phone booth at guard.

3. Isaac Asiata, Utah: At 6'3" and 323 pounds, Isaac Asiata is built like a boulder and that is a good description of what he is like on the field as well. Asiata might not be the best mover, but he is a powerful player who will annihilate defenders in the run game and anchors beautifully in the pass game. He is an aggressive player and that can get him into trouble sometimes when he comes in too hot and misses blocks, but his mentality for the position is admirable. If he can find some control to his game, He should be a very good player in the NFL.

2. Dan Feeney, Indiana: The 6'4", 311 pound Feeney has great experience along the offensive line, starting all four years in Indiana. He is a very good athlete, a savvy player and a good technician. His only problem is a need to get a big stronger and while he plays with attitude, his nastiness will be maximized by some more time in the weight room. Another concern is Feeney's concussion history, so hopefully he can stay healthy in the NFL.

1. Pat Elflein, Ohio State: Elflein has experience all along the interior of the offensive line and for as good of a guard he was, he was an even better center. Despite being a bit lighter (6'3", 303 pounds), Elflein has awesome strength and leverage . He is not only a consistent technician, but he is also a nasty player. His experience translates to savvy and awareness at center and his movement ability is valuable in the run game. Elflein's only "flaws" are being a bit smaller, but other than that he has the makings of a long time impact starter in the NFL.

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