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Scot McCloughan fired by Redskins as Washington continues to prove they’re a disaster

Washington is a mess.

St Louis Rams v Washington Redskins Photo by Matt Hazlett/Getty Images

While the Eagles have been enjoying a nice NFL free agency period, one of Philadelphia’s NFC East rivals has been a total disaster. Washington officially fired their general manager, Scot McCloughan, on Thursday evening.

Washington had a few decent seasons under McCloughan, relative to their typical standards at least. They went 17-14-1 the past two years and even won the NFC East in 2015. It wasn’t anything great, no, but it looked like they were potentially turning into a respectable franchise.

But everyone should have known better. It’s still Dan Snyder at the top so things are bound to go badly. McCloughan is reportedly being fired for relapsing into alcohol problems.

But as the Washington Post’s Mike Jones reports, that reason might just be an excuse.

Last week, the Washington Post wrote there’s an effort by some, namely team president Bruce Allen, inside the organization to discredit McCloughan. This certainly adds ammo to the theory that McCloughan’s alleged alcoholism wasn’t the only issue, if it was even one at all.

And if the alcohol was really a problem, why didn’t Washington remove him sooner? When McCloughan was bizarrely absent from the 2017 NFL Combine last week, the team maintained he was only away due to the death of his 100-year-old grandmother. Which had happened an entire month before the Combine. They also insisted he would be returning soon, but as we see now that was a lie. He hasn’t been involved in the team’s plans as free agency started this week.

Washington reportedly made several efforts to distract from this dysfunction in the past few weeks. The team reportedly made up a fake three-way trade rumor that involved Tony Romo going to Washington. They also randomly gave Jay Gruden, who is 21-26-1 as a head coach, a two-year extension.

On top of all this mess Washington has going on, their starting quarterback doesn’t even want to play for them anymore. Kirk Cousins reportedly asked Snyder to be traded but the owner essentially denied him.

Why does any of this matter to the Eagles? Well, besides Washington being a division rival, they’ve had Philadelphia number in recent years. The Eagles haven’t beaten Washington since 2014.

But that might change soon if Washington continues to be a mess. They’re losing key players in free agency (DeSean Jackson, Pierre Garçon) and now they have to do a new GM search on the fly. What a disaster.

There’s only one thing I have left to say.

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