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Two future Philadelphia sports legends were hanging out on Sunday

Future GOATs.

Just like the headline says, two future Philadelphia sports legends were spotted hanging out on Sunday. Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz and Sixers center Joel Embiid both attended an autograph signing session at Hunt Auctions in Exton, PA.

Pretty cool.

OK, so Wentz and Embiid haven't reached legendary status yet, but they both have the potential to get there one day. Embiid was sensational this season before getting hurt. Hopefully he'll be able to stay healthy in the future. Wentz went through some rookie struggles but he also showed franchise quarterback potential last season. Both of these players represent hope for the future.

It would be really cool if these two guys came up together and ushered in a new era of success for Philadelphia sports. It would be even cooler if they maintained a close friendship along the way.


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