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Daniel Jeremiah shared a funny story from Andy Reid’s time with the Eagles

Classic Andy.

Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Before he became an NFL Network analyst, Daniel Jeremiah used to be a professional football scout. One of the teams he worked for was the Philadelphia Eagles. And so, Chiefs website reporter BJ Kissel recently asked Jeremiah to share his best story about former Eagles and current Kansas City coach Andy Reid.

Jeremiah picked a pretty funny story to share. Watch the video below, and scroll down for a transcript.

“Here’s one for you. So we had, after the [2012 NFL] Draft, we’re on the phone recruiting undrafted free agents to try and come on board. So we had a running back from the University of Washington, Chris Polk, who we liked as a draftable player. Doesn’t get picked, so I’m calling this kid on the phone, trying to get him committed to come in here as a free agent. We’re not gonna pay him much money, but we liked him. Can’t get it done.”

“So then I go into our running back’s coach’s office, in Duce Staley’s office. I go ‘Duce, you’ve gotta help me out here, man, we’ve gotta get this done. So he gets on the phone, trying to convince this kid to sign with us, can’t get it done. So he looks at me and says ‘Walk with me.’”

“So we go down to Coach [Andy] Reid’s office, and we tell Coach Reid, ‘Hey, we’ve got Chris Polk on the line here, we’re trying to get him as a free agent. We hand him the phone. Coach picks up the phone and goes ‘Let me talk to your mother.’”

“That’s the first thing that he said. Because Coach is smarter than we are. So he got the kid’s mom on the phone and convinced mom to get the kid. And once we got mom on board, it was done, we got him.”

Two words: emotional intelligence! That was something Reid certainly had and it’s something the Eagles touted when Philadelphia hired Reid’s protege, Doug Pederson, last offseason.

It’s fun stories like these that kind of make you miss Big Red and appreciate him a little more. Here’s hoping Pederson picked up on Reid’s tricks.

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