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Eagles Mailbag: Three players Philadelphia needs to acquire this offseason

Answering your Eagles questions.

New Orleans Saints v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Welcome to the latest edition of the Bleeding Green Nation mailbag! Every so often I'll be taking some of your Philadelphia Eagles questions and answering them in this post. As always, thanks to everyone who sent in a question. We already answered some of your questions during the BGN Facebook Live session I hosted. (Shameless plug: please like on the BGN Facebook page and the BGN Radio Facebook page.) Watch the Q&A below:

Now it's time for some of the questions people sent in on Twitter (contact me: @BrandonGowton). Let's get started.

@BewareTheFoxII asks: Give me three names who, if the Eagles acquired them (draft or FA), will instantly transcend this team to elite status.

Interesting question. I don’t think the Eagles can be a truly elite team until Wentz takes the next step, so the additions alone wouldn’t do it. But those additions can certainly help Wentz get better. With that in mind, I’m honed in on improving the offense. I’m also trying to envision a situation with players the Eagles can actually realistically acquire.

Brandin Cooks, Dalvin Cook, and Kenny Britt are the three players who I think can help Wentz the most. Cooks gives the young passer a legitimate deep threat and an explosive play-maker. Having a rusher like Cook to hand off to would take a lot of pressure off Wentz’s arm. And Britt is the jump ball target he needs who can contribute in the underneath passing game. Pro Football Focus noted Britt was the best receiver at running crossing routes last season.

I think there’s a pretty realistic chance the Eagles could end up with Cooks and Britt. I don’t think Cook ends up on the roster, though, because the Eagles will likely wait to draft a running back after Day 1.

BGN readers, who are your three players?

@J_Rich96 asks: Will Nelson Agholor improve this offseason?

Never say never, but I’m not certainly counting on it.

It’s not like Agholor has just been merely bad since being drafted. He’s been downright terrible. Like, “doesn’t belong in the NFL” terrible. Agholor graded out as the NFL’s worst receiver by Pro Football Focus each of the past two seasons. Football Outsiders’ metrics, meanwhile, ranked Agholor 85th out of 93 receivers in 2016.

Having watched him for two offseasons (and two regular seasons), I just haven’t seen much to make me think there’s any promise with him.

With that said, Agholor has a very low bar to clear in terms of improvement. If he could become mediocre instead of Agholorrible, that would be great for the Eagles. Nelly will likely get one last shot to save his career in Philadelphia because cutting him would cause the Eagles to lose cap space this offseason.

@TCCanning3 asks: How far into the draft do you think the Eagles can get starting talent?

Another interesting question. It really depends on the position.

Mike Mayock said he thinks you can get a starting cornerback as late as the fifth round, which would be pretty nice if that’s true. The Eagles need two new starters so maybe they’ll look to double dip at the position. This year’s running back class is also loaded. That’s even more good news for the Eagles.

I’m going to say the Eagles will get at least three 2017 starters from this year’s class. They have obvious holes at wide receiver, running back, and cornerback so the opportunity is there. Of course, that could change depending on what the Eagles do in free agency. But there are other potential holes as well with Allen Barbre and/or Jason Kelce reportedly not locks to return.

@gabeheaglesfan asks: Should the Eagles look for Jamaal Charles in free agency? What are you guys opinion about him? Greetings from Brazil!

Shoutout to Gabe and all the awesome Brazilian Eagles fans out there. I’ve seen quite a few in the BGN comments/Twitter/Facebook/etc. You guys are great. I’m always impressed by the size and passion of the entire international Eagles fan community.

I totally get why people would be opposed to Charles, but personally I think it’s worth kicking the tires. He’s obviously not a player worth taking a huge risk on at this point in his career. Charles hasn’t been fully healthy and effective since 2015. Ideally, the Eagles should look for younger, long-term options at running back.

But Charles could be a good option if he wouldn’t cost much. He obviously has familiarity with Doug Pederson’s offense and he was a really good player when truly healthy. If he comes cheap, there’s nothing preventing the Eagles from taking a chance on him while also selecting a running back in the draft.

In addition to this question, @jamewark26 asked if the Eagles should go after Charles or take a chance on a first round running back. I just don’t think the Eagles will go RB in the first round. This regime doesn’t seem to value them like that.

@Nelson81 asks: Do you think there's a "Chance" we bring in Warmack to play left guard? Has experience with Stoutland at Bama.

Very punny. I actually discussed this possibility recently:

Warmack played under Stoutland at Alabama. The former first-round pick is expected to enter free agency this year since the Titans’ new regime doesn’t appear to be high on him. Tennessee declined to pick up his fifth-year option last offseason. Here’s an assessment of Warmack from a Titans writer: “While he's been a disappointment, he certainly hasn't been a total bust either. He's an average guard in the league [...]” Warmack only played in two games last season after suffering a season-ending hand injury in September. The 25-year-old blocker might be available at a reasonable price. The Eagles could look into him to play left guard if they opt to move on from Allen Barbre, which is reportedly possible.

If Barbre, Jason Kelce, and Stefen Wisniewski don’t return to Philadelphia, the Eagles will have a big need at left guard with Isaac Seumalo likely taking over at center. Warmack could be worth a shot.

@grot37 asks: Position most likely to be addressed in free agency?

Wide receiver. I’ve said it often and I’ll say it again: the Eagles need immediate help at receiver. Proven NFL talent. They can’t just hope to draft and develop guys. That just hasn’t worked for them. For the sake of his development and the betterment of the team, Carson Wentz needs legitimate weapons ASAP.

@GottahBV asks: Should the Eagles look at Mitch Leidner in the 4th or 5th round?

If the Eagles trade Chase Daniel, I think they need to really look into bringing in another veteran quarterback to be the backup behind Wentz. Therefore, a rookie should be a third string guy at most. I don’t like the Eagles drafting a quarterback that high on Day 3.

@Detweiler18 asks: Raiders are letting Latavius Murray test free agency, after working out with Carson Wentz do you see them making a run at him?

Nah. He’s one of the best rushers on the market and he probably won’t make sense for the Eagles price wise.

@RulesPhilly asks: What are your thoughts on BYU's Jamaal Williams? Should the Eagles draft him?

I’ll defer to BGN Radio’s Turron Davenport on this one because I know he’s a big Williams guy. He should be in play.

Williams says he has patterned his game after the way Walter Payton used to dish out punishment against would-be tacklers. The Payton influence shows when watching Williams run the ball. He finishes his runs, most of the time falling forward.

When watching Williams run the football, the back that has a blend of size and power reminiscent of Eagles running back Ryan Mathews. The senior running back said he sees the similarities as well.

@D_Tomei asks: If Shady is cut, do the Eagles make a play? IMO: they look into it, but nothing serious. #Analysis #ThanksBLG

I think you answered your own question, Davide. I also don’t think Shady is going to be cut. Sean McDermott said the Bills want to keep him.

@IanT182 asks: Think there is a realistic possibility Eagles snag Nick Mangold and/or Jamaal Charles in free agency?

Already talked about Charles, but no on the 33-year-old Mangold.

@dondada19060 asks: Jahlil Okafor looked great and put the offense on his back [against the Knicks on Saturday, Feb. 25]. When will you show him some love?

Jah put up some good numbers for the Sixers against the Knicks, yes. Very useful of him to finally have a strong performance after the trade deadline.

But the offensive numbers will never tell the true story with him. He’s a sieve on defense and that’s always going to be an issue. So yeah, he’ll drop 28 points, but how many does he easily give up? I mean, he doesn’t even TRY sometimes.

I’m really just done watching him. On the whole, it’s not very enjoyable. And I don’t like this idea that people should feel bad for him based on how the Sixers have handled the big men situation. Let’s not forget Jah is a big reason why Sam Hinkie is gone. Not only for his struggles on the court (Hinkie deserves blame here) but because of the altercation that took place in the streets of Boston (outside of Hinkie’s control).

In truth, Jah killed The Process.

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