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11 Eagles takeaways from Jeffrey Lurie’s first press conference in over a year

Recap time.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Eagles Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Lurie spoke to reporters for the first time in over a year on Tuesday evening. He talked for 35 minutes so he covered a lot of topics. We’ll have more extensive coverage of Lurie’s press conference right here on Bleeding Green Nation but for now here’s a quick recap of the major takeaways.

Lurie is optimistic about Carson Wentz

Lurie didn’t anoint Wentz as the team’s savoir but he’s hopeful.

The Eagles really view Joe Douglas as a key addition

This is the first time Lurie has really spoken about Douglas since the executive was hired after the 2016 NFL Draft last year. He said he’s gotten a lot of praise around the league for hiring Douglas.

Lurie praised Howie Roseman

Will the Eagles consider drafting Joe Mixon?

He didn’t rule it out.

Lurie repeatedly emphasized the need to be better at drafting

Lurie admits the Eagles still have a lot of work to do before they can be considered legitimate championship contenders.

Lurie denied the report he’s more involved in football decisions

Lurie also denied the report he blocked the Jets from hiring John DeFilippo. He said it was Doug Pederson’s decision.

Lurie gave as assessment of Eagles head coach Doug Pederson

Lurie admitted the Eagles basically bought a draft pick by trading Sam Bradford

Lurie kept using a Sam Hinkie-ism

Lurie wants to bring Kelly Green jerseys back as alternates

Lurie said the Eagles won’t be on Hard Knocks this year

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