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Jeffrey Lurie did not rule out Kelly Green becoming the Eagles’ primary jersey again one day


Green Bay Packers v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

It turns out the Philadelphia Eagles’ proposal about reinstating alternate colored helmets was an effort to bring back Kelly Green after all. Lurie confirmed as much when speaking to reporters on Tuesday evening.

Unfortunately, the Eagles withdrew their alternate helmet proposal after consulting with the NFL competition committee this year. But the fact that Lurie said the team will keep trying to bring it back is an encouraging sign (for those who like Kelly Green, at least).

Another new tidbit here is that Lurie did NOT rule out the possibility of bringing back Kelly Green as the team’s primary jersey one day. He did say he wants to see Kelly Green as the alternate for a trial run before a full switch could potentially happen. He also said he still likes Midnight Green so there’s no guarantee it’ll ever happen.

But man, it’s fun to think about the team switching back to the color so many fans still love. Sure, not everyone is a fan of Kelly Green, but the polling here on Bleeding Green Nation consistently shows fans significantly favor Kelly Green over Midnight Green.

Again, the first step is getting Kelly Green back as an alternate. Hopefully the league will approve alternate helmets in the future so the Eagles can make that happen.

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