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Will the Eagles trade Jason Kelce and Mychal Kendricks?

Trade winds blowing?

Seattle Seahawks v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Evan Habeeb/Getty Images

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Bleeding Green Nation mailbag! Every so often I'll be taking some of your Philadelphia Eagles questions and answering them here in this post. As always, thanks to everyone who sent in a question. We already answered some of your questions during the BGN Facebook Live session I hosted. (Shameless plug: please like on the BGN Facebook page and the BGN Radio Facebook page.) Watch the Q&A below:

Now it's time for some of the questions I didn’t get a chance to answer (contact me: @BrandonGowton). Let's get started.

@igglesnut asks: Are the Eagles going to make any more moves before the draft?

I’d think so.

Although there are still some big names on the free agent market, it’s approaching the time for bargain bin signings. I imagine the Eagles would like to add at least one veteran cornerback. I’m also interested to see where Johnathan Hankins ends up.

Also can’t rule out trades. I’d think there’s a better chance of Jason Kelce and/or Mychal Kendricks getting moved during the 2017 NFL Draft itself, but there’s at least a chance the deal(s) happen before then.

@RobertStroop asks: Is Howie Roseman holding on to Jason Kelce for a Sam Bradford style trade if a team loses their starter?

I think that’s possible, Robert. Or perhaps a team walks away from the draft without having a center they like so they come calling the Eagles.

@timrockssohard asks: What's the percentage chance that you think Jason Kelce has of being the starting center for the first game of the season?

10% chance. To me, it totally just seems like he’s the odd man out.

@Jeffrey_Warren asks: Might the Eagles look to move Jason Kelce on the second or third day of the draft to acquire an established NFL cornerback or another pick?

We saw the Eagles trade Bryce Brown during the draft a few years ago when Howie Roseman was still general manager. Brown’s situation isn’t exactly comparable to Kelce’s, but I do think the Eagles would prefer to use him as a trade chip just like they did with Brown. Maybe it’s not a pick this year but a future pick.

@ShaneScannell9 asks: Will Mychal Kendricks be on the 53? If not, do you think they trade or cut him?

No. The coaching staff isn’t high on him. I really believe he’ll be traded. I can’t imagine they’d cut him considering they kept him past the date part of his salary became guaranteed.

@AngeGold asks: Soooo not an Eagles pick but thoughts on Reuben Foster if he falls to 14? Very Ravens style pick. #JoeD

Shoutout to Ange for checking in! First, I don’t think Foster will be on the board at No. 14. But if he is there, the Eagles could definitely take him. Jordan Hicks is a stud but you always have to consider his injury history. Nigel Bradham will be a free agent after this season and he might miss some time this year anyway due to potential suspension. Foster could truly be the best player available on the board. And if that’s the case, the Eagles should take him and figure out the fit later.

@JackM_POMLB asks: Is Alshon Jeffery staying with the Eagles?

No guarantees since he’s only on a one year deal, but as of right now I don’t think the Eagles will struggle to keep him. If he has an awesome year this season, paying him what he wants should be an easy decision. If the money situation can’t be worked out, just put the franchise tag on him. The Eagles have leverage here. I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

@Colombraro98 asks: Will Vinny Curry be the full-time answer at defensive end or is he just going to be a better than average high paid rotation guy?

I wrote this about Curry yesterday:

But do the Eagles really trust Curry as a full-time starter? He only played 40.5% of the team’s defensive snaps last year. And it’s not like Barwin was playing so well that it was preventing him from getting on the field.

The sad reality is Curry only racked up 2.5 sacks last season. Sacks aren’t the only indication of pressure, of course, but consider Marcus Smith had the same number of sacks despite playing 200 less snaps than Curry. That’s not a great look.

Curry, who turns 29 this June, has played for three coaching staffs now that haven’t utilized him as a full-time starter. The Eagles need him to be one now, but again, it’s unclear if they trust him to be one. The team reportedly plans on picking a defensive lineman in the first round of this year’s draft and it could easily be a pass rusher. Derek Barnett, perhaps? Solomon Thomas if he falls?

It’d be great if the Eagles could count on Curry as a full-time starter, but I’m not so sure it’ll happen.

@PDpc069 asks: Why would the Birds withdraw the helmet thing? I know they can feel the fans want to go back to Kelly Green.

The Eagles reportedly withdrew the proposal after consulting with the competition committee, so I imagine they got the sense it wouldn’t pass. Maybe not enough time to install this proposal in time for the 2017 season. Hopefully the Eagles come up with a better plan to reinstate the alternate helmets in the future.

@brendenp2011 asks: Does it annoy you that nobody is giving you credit for the Eagles alternate helmet/Kelly green connection you made?

Look, it’s not like I think I’m the only one who was capable of making that connection. It’s just that it’s so obvious to me no one saw that proposal until I made a post about it on Thursday evening. Matt Mullin of PhillyVoice also did a post on Kelly Green that night and credited me since that’s where he saw it from (thank you, Matt). But then a bunch of other writers did posts the next morning, way after I first posted mine, without acknowledging I was first to point it out.

It’s certainly possible some writers saw the alternate helmet proposal on their own, and if that’s truly the case, then it’s not like they are wrong to not credit me. But I find it hard to believe that was the case. I specifically noticed some outlets put up posts about Kelly Green shortly after I re-posted my article on Twitter on Friday morning.

It’s not really hard to mention “(hat tip to Bleeding Green Nation)” in an article. But some writers just won’t do that for some reason. Personally, I always aim to credit info where I get it from.

Ultimately, it’s not the end of the world and I just spent way too much time talking about it. But come on. Don’t be like that.

@JP04092011 asks: If Marshon Lattimore makes it to pick No. 10 do the Eagles go get him?

They should. Moving up to No. 10 should be feasible. Maybe package Kelce or Kendricks and the Eagles’ fourth round pick?

@MattWil32786744 asks: Do you think the Eagles should go after Josh Gordon if he is reinstated and then released from the Browns?

Sure, but I just feel like he’ll just get suspended again and never end up playing. I also wonder how good he’d even be right now after all this time off from football.

@Fake_DaveBenz asks: Jared Goff or Carson Wentz?


@GottahBV asks: Waffles or Pancakes?

I like both. Depends on what I feel like, depends on the situation. I’m a big fan of chicken and waffles, for example.


A post shared by BLG (@brandongowton) on

If I’m eating them plain, I might prefer pancakes. Can’t really go wrong here though. Breakfast food is the best.

@JuanLGalaviz asks: You’re on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, you gotta use a lifeline, who are you calling from the BGN Crew?

Definitely Matt (@OhWowHmm). He’s easily the smartest out of all of us.

@Fantasy_Alpha asks: Hot dog, sausage, or bratwurst?

Portillo’s hot dog. Fantastic.

@eaglefire99 asks: Whatcha do for fun Brandon?

My job is pretty fun. I write about the Eagles for this site called, you should check it out!

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