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NFL mock draft round up: mock drafters are dropping the ball

What the hell are they doing

NCAA Football: Miami at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

The 2017 NFL Draft is five weeks away, but about three weeks from now you’re going to see people complaining about the wait being too long. People will over-analyse, second guess themselves, or just get bored waiting. They’re wrong.

It’s already too long.

These mock drafts are proof of it. You know how you stare at something and you start to see it differently, start to lose focus? That’s what’s going on with these mock drafters. Their reasoning is dumb, their picks don’t make any sense, if they had any logic they’ve tossed it out the window as they wait for the slow crawl towards April 27th to get here. They’ve been staring at this for too long. Maybe we all have.

Chris Burke, Sports Illustrated - RB Leonard Fournette, LSU

(Mock trade with Tennessee. Titans get: No. 14, No. 43, No. 118. Eagles get: No. 5, No. 164.)

The Eagles have hosted both Fournette and Dalvin Cook on official visits in recent days. If they want the former LSU star as a focal point of their offense next season, they’ll have to go get him. This would drop the Titans nine spots in Round 1, but it would add a second-rounder (which they currently don’t have). Three picks in the top 43 would make for a nice weekend in Tennessee.

What the...

The Eagles might trade up. That’s a possibility you should prepare for in April.

But to 5th? For a running back?

No doubt the Eagles need a running back, and will draft one at some point. Maybe even in the first round. But there’s just no way they’re trading up to 5th to do it.

Will Brinson, CBS - RB Christian McCaffery, Stanford

Anyone who acts like McCaffrey can’t be a feature back is just being dumb when it comes to how the game works in 2017. Darren Sproles has been a game-changer for this team for the last few years in multiple phases; McCaffrey will be perfect addition to help Carson Wentz grow and replace Sproles.

What the...

Darren Sproles is not a feature back.

Again, the Eagles might go running back at 14. And Christian McCaffery might be the guy. So the pick here isn’t the problem, it’s the logic. The Eagles need a feature back (agreed), that McCaffery can be that (maybe, maybe not). No problems there. But then to compare McCaffery to Sproles and say that’s why they should use the 14th pick on him, that is “just being dumb”.

Walter Football - RB Dalvin Cook, FSU

The Eagles, or rather, the Vikings winning the coin toss was absolutely huge. Many of Philadelphia's top needs coincide with Indianapolis', so it could pay off for the Eagles that they get to pick right before the Colts in the opening round.

Running back is an example of this. Both teams desperately need one, and it just so happens that Dalvin Cook is the best player available. Cook posted poor numbers at the combine, but those figures don't factor in his excellent vision, and besides, Cook's high-level production at Florida State is just too great to ignore. Cook would fill a big void for the Eagles, who appear to be finished with Ryan Mathews.

One other thing worth noting is that Cook has some minor off-the-field issues. However, Doug Pederson has worked with Andy Reid for many years, and Reid has been one to give players second chances. Perhaps Pederson will do the same.

Yeah, I went there. You can’t do dumb mock drafts without including Walter Football. He’s got the Colts taking Marlon Humphrey at 15. Swapping those picks makes much more sense. And while yes, Cook would technically replace Ryan Mathews on the roster, they’re totally different players. Walter, you never disappoint.

Rob DiRe, FanRag - TE David Njoku, Miami

The Eagles came into the offseason trying to surround Carson with as many weapons as possible. Philadelphia has a strong offensive line when everyone is available, and the defense should be solid even with the loss of Bennie Logan. Alshon Jeffery and Torrey Smith give the Eagles a strong and well-rounded receiving group for 2017 even if there are no guarantees after that. However, Njoku would give Eagles coach Doug Pederson a super playmaker at tight end.

What the....

First of all, I just love how bad the name FanRag is. It’s kind of sad that baseball news breaker and unintentionally hilarious tweeter Jon Heyman wound up there.

Anyway... #GetWentzWeapons, sure, but in this mock Corey Davis, John Ross and Dalvin Cook, along with Derek Barnett and Marlon Humphrey were on the board. All those guys on the board and Njoku is the head and shoulders the best player available at 14 to the point where you wouldn’t take Davis, Ross or Cook?

*actives Doctor Strange time loop*

I’ll wait for an argument in favor of it.

No, hold on... I don’t want to. Neither do these people. Let’s just get the draft going next week. It’s already dragging.

Let’s end with a good one.

My Facebook memory was of a photo I took of the Robert Gould Shaw Memorial. But that mock draft is the most beautiful work of art I’ve seen today.

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