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Watching this Jordan Hicks mic’d up video will get you fired up

Jordan Hicks is a beast.

Cleveland Browns v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

If you enjoyed the video of Jason Peters mic’d up during a Philadelphia Eagles game, you definitely need to watch the following video of Jordan Hicks as well. Check out the team’s young middle linebacker in action:

Key takeaway: Hicks is awesome. Despite being only 24 years old, he was out there acting like a true leader last season. That’s genuine passion on display.

He’s also just a great player. I’d say he’s underrated from a national perspective, too, which is why I love reposting these stats any time I get the chance.

And if you think Hicks couldn’t be any more awesome, just check out his stats against the Eagles’ most hated rival. In four games played against the Dallas Cowboys, Hicks has recorded: four interceptions, one forced fumble, one sack, and one defensive touchdown. He also essentially ended Tony Romo’s career (with the Cowboys, at least). Romo has played in just three games since getting hit by Hicks in Week 2 of the 2015 season.

It annoys me when suggestions are made to move Hicks out of his middle linebacker spot to play a different position (WILL). He’s been amazing where he’s at. It’s up to the middle linebacker to lead the defense. Keep him where he is.

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