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Eagles News: Browns say they don’t regret the Carson Wentz trade

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 3/2/17.

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NFL: Cleveland Browns at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Browns GM says he would make Carson Wentz trade again if given another chance - PhillyVoice
When the Cleveland Browns made the decision to trade back from the No. 2 overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, they did so because they did not believe that Wentz would be a "top 20 quarterback" in the NFL, according to Browns chief strategy officer Paul DePodesta. After one season, the argument could be made that Wentz is already a "top 20 quarterback," with certainly the potential to be much more. If given the opportunity to go back and just draft Wentz instead of trading back, Browns general manager Sashi Brown said that he would do it all over again.

Report: Carson Wentz developed elbow soreness as a rookie - BGN
From late last night.

Indy Update on the Eagles - Iggles Blitz
Howie Roseman specifically talked about the depth of the RB position. That would lead you to think the Eagles might prefer to try and draft a RB first. If that doesn’t work out, then go find a veteran to be part of a group in 2017. I would certainly have no option with the Eagles using Charles as a backup plan. If they don’t land the right guy in the draft, go talk to him. I could be way undervaluing Charles, who has had an amazing career. I just know that the aging RBs I’ve seen over the years rarely have bounce-back seasons when things start to go wrong. There are always anomalies, but as a rule of thumb you want to be careful about adding older RBs.

Morning Sesh: Planting My Flag On Alshon Jeffrey Mountain - Philly Football Talk
Look. I get it. The thought of paying a wide receiver somewhere in the range of $14-$16 million per year seems outrageous. And you know what, it is outrageous. It’s asinine. But the Eagles are going to spend money in free agency – and they’re going to spend it on the wide receiver position. We’ve discussed it ad nauseam for a reason. There’s been too much smoke for there to never end up being any fire. I mean, we’ve seen reports linking the Eagles to (practically) every single receiver on the market – and certainly all the notable ones (Jeffrey, DJax, Garcon, Stills, Britt, etc.). Alshon Jeffrey is easily the best guy available (working under the assumption Pryor goes back to Cleveland). And sure, he comes with a big boatload of risk – mostly in the form of soft-tissue injuries and a PED suspension – but he brings a crap-ton of talent as well. He’s the only receiver on the market with the potential to be one of the 10 best in the league. He’s the only legitimate game changer on the board.

Free Agency Or Draft? It's No Contest -
We’re in the position now, after two months of silence, to truly get our engines revved up at the thought of the 2017 Eagles season. What are they planning to do with a roster that won seven games last season? What is the plan they have put in place since the season ended with a win over the Dallas Cowboys? ...

BGN Radio BONUS: BLG on with @JonMarksMedia on @SportsradioWIP - SoundCloud
I talked Eagles with our good friend Jon Marks on WIP last night. Thoughts on Doug/Howie’s comments, Eagles free agent targets, and more.

Building around Carson Wentz in the forefront of Eagles' minds this offseason - Daily News
Roseman reiterated that the team's offseason focus is building a long-term base around Wentz, not reaching for quick-fix solutions. He did not paint a picture of a looming free-agent bonanza; it could be that one reason the Eagles haven't cleared cap room with anticipated releases or trades is because those players might not be released or traded, if the team finds it doesn't require big-time cap room to sign, say, one capable wide receiver and maybe a depth guy somewhere else. The Eagles seem to have around $11 million free right now, with the 2017 cap set Wednesday at $167 million, their carryover money giving them $174.9 million worth of room, and their obligations, including dead money, eating up about $164 million.

Pederson expects Kelce back; how about other expensive vets? - CSN Philly
Will Barwin be worth his $8.35 million cap hit in 2017, or does it make more sense to cut him and save $7.75 million in cap space? "You talk about Connor and what he's meant to our football team on and off the field," Roseman said. "There were a lot of questions about his ability to play in a 4-3. And he did it and he did a really good job with it. Obviously, we're not going to get into whoever you guys ask me about. We're not going to get into specifics of who's going to be back and who's not. Certainly, when you talk about Connor, he's got all those traits we're talking about here, about guys who have done a good job and still have stuff left in the tank."

Sean McDermott says LeSean McCoy is a big part of his plans - PFT
McDermott told PFT Live that McCoy is a player he has long admired, going back to their time together with the Eagles, and that McCoy will continue to play in Buffalo. “LeSean is going to be with the Buffalo Bills moving forward,” McDermott said. “He’s a great player. We worked together in Philadelphia and when you look at the skill set LeSean brings to the table, we’re excited to be working with him.”

NFL hopes to relax penalties for excessive celebrations - ESPN
The NFL hopes to relax anti-celebration rules that have vexed players and fans in recent years, a person with knowledge of the situation confirmed Wednesday. League officials began discussing the issue during the 2016 season, amid heavy criticism for punishment of a series of relatively minor infractions such as pretending to shoot a basketball jump shot after a touchdown.

What are NFL teams looking for at the combine this year? - SB Nation
SB Nation’s Thomas George talked to Chargers coach Anthony Lynn and a group of NFL scouts about what they want to see in Indianapolis this week.


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