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This video of Jason Peters mic’d up during an Eagles game will only make you appreciate him even more

JP is the best, man.

NFL: Preseason-Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Please stop whatever you’re doing and immediately watch this video of Philadelphia Eagles left tackle Jason Peters mic’d up against the Atlanta Falcons.

How can you not appreciate Peters more after watching that? It’s so clear how much respect everyone on the Eagles (coaching staff and players alike) has for him. Peters is far from an outspoken guy but the future Hall of Famer is clearly a valuable leader on this team.

Eagles fans are smart so I know a lot of people properly appreciate Peters already. But there have been SOME people (you know who you are!) who have suggested the team should cut him this offseason in order to save $9.7 million in cap space. Heck, even the Eagles reportedly asked this man to take a pay cut.

But we now know that the Eagles will do the right thing and bring back Peters at his currently salary this season. You just don’t cut a future Hall of Famer so easily, especially when he’s still playing at a high level. Not to mention the fact he’s very critical when it comes to protecting your franchise quarterback.

In the words of Peters himself:

“Sometimes you gotta remind fools who the king is.”

Long live JP.

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