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Alshon Jeffery won’t wear No. 17 with the Eagles. What jersey number should he wear?

Give us your best suggestion.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Chicago Bears Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Clearly one of the most important things to come out of Alshon Jeffery’s press conference on Friday was the BIG NEWS about how he won’t wear his old jersey number, No. 17, as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles. That number is currently being worn by ... well, you know who. Nelson Agholor.

"Nelson can have 17," said Jeffery. "I wore that in Chicago, I’m going to leave that in Chicago."

I love how it’s Jeffery who is making the decision here. But it makes sense since he’s friendly with the much-maligned Agholor. In fact, it’s Jeffery who inspired Agholor’s jersey number selection.

When I first got it, a lot of the players I respected in the league had it. Alshon [Jeffery, of the Chicago Bears] was one of my first close friends in the NFL that played the receiver position - and he wore 17. So when I looked at the number, I was like, 'I can be like AJ17.'

So if Jeffery isn’t going to wear No. 17, what will he wear for the Eagles? His college number was No. 1 so that won’t work. His high school football number was No. 2 and his high school basketball jersey number was No. 15. None of these are options for Jeffery with the Eagles.

Numbers currently available include: 13, 80, 83, 85, 88, and 89. 12 is technically available and would be a nice combination of his college (1) and high school (2) numbers, but I doubt Jeffrey Lurie is going to give Randall Cunningham’s unofficially retired number to Alshon.

It’s always possible Jeffery could get another receiver other than Agholor to switch their jersey number. If that’s the case, watch out, Dorial Green-Beckham (No. 18), Paul Turner (No. 19), Bryce Treggs (No. 16), David Watford (No. 14), and Marcus Johnson (No. 84).

If you ask me, No. 88 is the best choice for Jeffery. I just think that’s a good number for big receivers. The Eagles haven’t had a good player at that number in a long time so he could really make it his own.

What say you? Vote in the poll below.

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