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Alshon Jeffery says playing with Carson Wentz and the Eagles is “perfect situation”

Jeffery took a one-year deal for what he thinks is the right fit.

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Alshon Jeffery remembers a drive. It’s hard to tell which one he remembers; he said Friday at his introductory conference it was the last one of the Eagles’ Week 2 win over the Bears last season, but that drive was five rushes and only one pass.

Still, Jeffery remembers a drive. His Bears sliding further behind the Eagles in the Monday Night Football matchup, Carson Wentz caught the wide receiver’s eye. Wentz finished that game with a 62% completion percentage, 190 yards, and a touchdown.

And, apparently, with a new fan.

“Yeah, I watched him,” Jeffery said. “At the same time, I was playing for the Bears, I was hoping we would win. But as things ... I think in that last drive, he was really getting things going and I thought, ‘Wow, this kid’s going to be special.’”

Six months later, Jeffery is in Philadelphia, teaming up with the 24-year-old quarterback who took this city by storm.

Most Eagles fans think highly of Wentz. But it’s possible the team’s newest wide receiver eclipses them all.

“[Carson] had a lot to do with it,” Jeffery said, when asked for his motivation to land in Philly. “Like I said, the sky’s the limit for him. I told them, I texted him, me and him texted back and forth. I told him my job is to help him win an MVP, which I truly believe. The sky is the limit for him. He’s a great quarterback.”

Jeffery entered free agency as the top wide receiver available, and his projected cap number fluctuated wildly as the beginning of the frenzy drew nearer. Eventually, the Eagles snagged Jeffery for a one-year deal, the details of which emerged this afternoon:

According to reports, Jeffery had a deal on the table from the Vikings which would’ve kept him in Minnesota for longer. I’ve heard the deal was expected to average around $11 million per year.

Instead, Jeffery decided Philadelphia was the place he needed to be in 2017.

“I think it’s the perfect situation for me,” Jeffery said Friday. “It’s the right fit for me and for my family. It’s my job to just go out there, focus, play football. I just think that was the best opportunity for me.”

As for the four-game suspension he was handed last season, for violating the league’s performance-enhancing drug policy, which may have brought his price down a bit, Jeffery said he’s moved past his past mistakes.

“I’m just focused on what I’m putting in my body and being more careful,” Jeffery said. “Like I said I’m past that, I’m just trying to ... I’m going to have the right team in place, everyone around me. We’ll all be on the same page.”

A few extra highlights from his press conference:

On leaving Chicago

It was great. But that’s life, it’s just like a stepping stone. You’ve got to move on.

I just expect all of us to just come in and work hard. Whatever happens, happens. As long as we’re making plays, that’s all that matters to me.

On a longer-term deal

I’m just going to focus on this season. Whatever happens after this season, it happens. Right now, I’m just focused on working hard, and that’s about it.

On his red zone success

What routes do you like to run in the RZ?

There’s not too many routes you can run in there. Fade, slant.

So what did you prefer?

Just throw it up.

On his jersey number

Nelson can have 17. I wore that in Chicago, I’m going to leave that in Chicago.

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