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The Linc: Carson Wentz, de facto general manager?

News and notes for 2/4

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Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Carson Wentz Supe'd up about getting to playoffs soon - Daily News

"This is frustrating," said the Eagles quarterback, who is down here shilling for Gatorade and some other products he endorses. "I don't ever not want to be playing in January ever again."

It's actually February, but you get his drift. If you were bummed that the Eagles didn't make the playoffs, imagine how he feels.

"We realize there's a lot to be done," he said. "But, at the same time, we realize we were only a couple of plays away in some of those games this season. In some cases, one play away.

"We realize we're close. And then, this offseason of growing together will be huge."

In case you haven't noticed, the Eagles are all in on Wentz. If he turns out to be everything they hope he'll be, and they can manage to put a solid supporting cast around him, the next 10 years will be interesting. If he doesn't, well, how 'bout them Sixers?

Carson Wentz says Eagles' desire for his input on personnel moves 'shows they trust me' - Penn Live

"From our perspective, we want to make sure that he's on board with some of these things," Roseman said.

Such a comment should reaffirm the notion the Eagles' brass believes Carson Wentz is bound for NFL stardom after he broke the league's rookie record for completions this season.

And Friday, Wentz responded to Roseman's sentiment during a segment on a rival radio station, 97.5 The Fanatic.

"I don't know to what extent they'll involve me in all that, but to me personally, it's just cool to know they respect my opinion enough to even say that," Wentz said. "To just know they respect my opinion and my approach, it just shows they trust me."

Roseman said Wentz will probably have a chance to voice his a opinion more often in regards to free agent decisions, because scouting draft picks is more complex.

In any case, the Eagles are making it a priority to show Wentz they value him. Philly's front office seems intent on ensuring it is in lockstep with the face of the franchise.

"I really appreciate them giving me that chance," Wentz said.

Oklahoma's Joe Mixon, Baylor's Ishmael Zamora not invited to NFL scouting combine - USA Today

The decisions aren’t particularly surprising, given the sensitive nature of the issues in light of Ray Rice, Michael Vick and other cases.

However, team officials have expressed frustration over the league’s shift in approach, since character issues are a primary focus at the combine and not inviting players with the most significant ones means they likely will have to make more team visits instead.

Last year, the NFL informed teams that it would no longer allow players with convictions for domestic violence, sexual assault or weapons offenses to attend the combine. The Mixon and Zamora incidents don’t fit that description, though.

Last month, the Oklahoma Supreme Court ordered the release of the gruesome video showing Mixon breaking the woman’s jaw and cheekbone with a punch after she shoved Mixon and slapped both sides of his neck during the July 2014 incident. Mixon entered an Alford plea at the time, acknowledging there was likely enough evidence to convict him of a misdemeanor charge while still asserting his innocence. He did not serve jail time and was ordered to perform 100 hours of community service and undergo counseling.

Police charged Zamora with a misdemeanor and he received a citation in the animal abuse case.

NFL Evaluators on Joe Mixon - Sports Illustrated

I went down to Mobile under the assumption that Mixon would fall mightily in the draft, not because of talent or the NFL’s moral high ground, but because teams didn’t want to deal with the public relations headache. I left feeling more confused. I heard that some teams would likely remove Mixon from their draft boards altogether. However, there seemed to be a stronger sentiment that Mixon could follow the model set by Tyreek Hill, who was picked in the fifth round by the Chiefs because the Kansas City organization felt they did their diligence and had a system in place to support Hill. I got a strong indication that Mixon might not plummet that far, and be picked up by the third or fourth round. As it was explained to me: “Had this incident just happened, no doubt Mixon would dive. But teams have had enough time to do their homework.” Scouts who visited Oklahoma this past year say that the coaching staff has endorsed Mixon glowingly. While that factors into the draft decision, ultimately I believe a team will take Mixon for one reason only: They are willing to withstand public backlash because they know he can help them win.

Hold it or don't flush: Super Bowl could harm sinkhole mess - Associated Press

A giant sinkhole in suburban Detroit is being threatened by the Super Bowl.

Macomb County public works chief Candice Miller is worried that thousands of football fans will flush toilets at halftime Sunday night. She tells radio station WWJ that it could overwhelm a broken sewer line blamed for the sinkhole.

Miller says her bathroom advice "sounds crazy." But she fears trouble unless people are willing to hold it — or at least not immediately flush.

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