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Why did Mychal Kendricks post this picture on Instagram (and then delete it)? [UPDATE]

What does it MEAN?!

(via Mychal Kendricks’ official Instagram page)

In today’s edition of NFL Instagram Sleuthing, Eagles linebacker Mychal Kendricks posted a weird picture to his official account. Then he deleted it. Take a look at his original Instagram post below.

So ... it’s a cake. With a giant NFL shield logo on it. Plus the names of five NFL teams next to it: Dolphins, Cardinals, Eagles, Titans, and Raiders. And Cardinals is spelled wrong on the cake (“Caredinals”).

What does it all mean? I have no idea.

But! It’s interesting because the Eagles are reportedly expected to trade Kendricks this offseason. Maybe he wrote down the teams that are interested in him on a cake? Or the teams he wants to go to?

Or perhaps the cake is for Mychal’s brother, Vikings linebacker Eric Kendricks? Eric’s birthday is on Feb. 29, which doesn’t exist this year since it’s not a leap year. Maybe those are the teams Eric would like to play on? But Eric isn’t a free agent until after the 2018 season and there’s no indication Minnesota wants to trade him.

Again, I don’t know. It could mean nothing. It’s just weird Kendricks would post something like this on Instagram and then delete it.

Give me your best conspiracy theory in the comments.

UPDATE: Looks like we found our answer thanks to BGN reader mycatsnameismilk. Kendricks was one of five NFL players to visit Israel this offseason. The others include Calais Campbell (Cardinals), Dan Williams (Raiders), and Delanie Walker (Titans). Cameron Jordan also went but the Saints aren’t listed on this cake. Dolphins wide receiver Kenny Stills was supposed to visit Israel, which could explain why his team’s name is on the cake, but he didn’t end up going.

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