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Philadelphia Eagles receive one compensatory pick (via trade) in the 2017 NFL Draft

The Eagles weren’t awarded any on their own, though.

NFL Draft Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images

The full list of NFL compensatory picks for the 2017 NFL Draft were officially announced on Friday afternoon. As expected, the Eagles were not awarded a pick because, in simple terms, they signed more free agents than they lost.

However, the Eagles will receive one of the Browns’ two fourth-round compensatory picks this year. Jimmy Kempski reports it’s the higher of the two picks: No. 139 instead of No. 142.

How is this possible? Well, unlike before, compensatory picks are able to be traded now. And that Browns compensatory pick was promised to the Eagles in the Carson Wentz trade last year. The condition was that if the Browns got a fourth-round compensatory pick, it would be owed to the Eagles. If the Browns did not get a compensatory pick, the Eagles would instead receive Cleveland’s regular fifth-round selection.

The Browns ended up being the worst team in the NFL in 2016 (shocker), so this condition didn’t make a huge difference. Instead of getting a very early fifth (No. 145), the Eagles got a very late fourth (No. 139). So a difference of six spots.

Here’s an updated look at the Eagles’ eight draft picks in 2017.

1st - No. 14 or 15 depending on coin toss at the NFL Combine (from the Minnesota Vikings)

2nd - No. 43

3rd - No. 74

4th - No. 119

4th - No. 139 (from the Cleveland Browns)

5th - No. 155

6th - No. 194

7th - No. 230

If you’re interested in looking at Eagles picks beyond the 2017 NFL Draft, click here.

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