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Eagles have Carson Wentz working out with 2017 NFL Draft wide receivers the team likes (Rumor)

This is an interesting story.

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Interesting find here by our good friend and BGN Radio co-host Jack Fritz over at Philly Football Talk. As Fritz notes, former UNC quarterback and Barstool Sports personality Caleb Pressley shared an interesting nugget about Carson Wentz on his latest podcast (Young and Happy).

Pressley talked about how North Carolina quarterback Mitch Trubisky, his former college roommate, was working out with Wentz in California last weekend. More interestingly, however, Pressley talked about some of the receivers the quarterbacks were throwing to. Pressley claims the Eagles wanted Wentz throwing to certain 2017 NFL Draft prospect receivers.

“[Wentz] was commanding everything. He was telling the receivers ‘I want you to stem it, break off to the outside, stem your routes, stutter step it, come back in,’ […] But he’s also trying to teach Mitch, I think.

“Also, what they do, is the Eagles, they want [Wentz] to work out with certain receivers. And so those receivers, I think, were all on … those three receivers coming out of college were all on the Eagles’ list. I’m not even sure I’m allowed to say that. But basically the Eagles have eight receivers they’re looking at, and those are three of them. So he was there to look at those receivers.”

The receiver prospects in attendance, per Pressley, included JuJu Smith-Schuster, Cooper Kupp, and Mack Hollins. Eagles receiver Nelson Agholor was also allegedly there.

Pressley’s information seems to match up with photos that surfaced last weekend. Wentz was seen working out with Kupp (and Chad Hansen) last Friday. On Sunday, Wentz tweeted a picture of himself with Agholor captioned “Got some work in with my man Nelly today big things ahead.” (Wentz was also seen hanging out with upcoming free agent running back Latavius Murray.)

Pressley’s comments about the Eagles wanting Wentz to work out with these specific receivers is interesting, especially in light of a comment executive vice president of football operations Howie Roseman made earlier this offseason.

“At this point in time it’s so early in the process, the way the league rules are, you’d love to be able to bring [receiver prospects to Philadelphia] and have [Wentz] throw to these guys,” Roseman told SportsRadio 94WIP. “It just doesn’t work that way. But I think from our perspective, we want to make sure he’s on board with some of these things. Probably more free-agency than the draft because it’s hard for him to get caught up on the draft prospects.”

So if the Eagles can’t bring prospects to Philadelphia for Wentz to work out with, perhaps they can get around the rules by having Wentz work out with a bunch of prospects “on his own.” And the Eagles can claim they’re not the ones organizing these workouts because all of the players are represented by the same agency as Wentz: Rep1 Sports. It could be the agency scheduling the workouts and not the team. Or at least that’s my conspiracy take on it.

If Pressley’s claim is true, we now know at least three of the eight receivers the Eagles allegedly like from this year’s class: Kupp, Smith-Schuster, and Hollins. Maybe we can also include Hansen since he was working out with Wentz last week.

Roseman’s comments about Wentz having an influence in Eagles’ talent acquisition process may not have been empty words. Assuming Pressley’s story is true, it seems like the Eagles really value their franchise quarterback’s input on the receivers the team will acquire this offseason.

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